This may be more like day 4.5, really.

It works! It works!

had a bit of a prob in my databases.yml – gotta put the the dbname at the end of the dsn. Yeah. Leave that off, and it gets very….confused.

So, now if I go to, I get a symfony-looking page that lets me put stuff in.

Bad news, it didn’t build the pull-down for type. Rats! Back to docs…

First try, pulled the type off of the link field – Have a pull down! (Yes, I left off the symfony clear-cache and symfony propel-generate-crud frontend type Type Too bad, I’m just seeing the primary key values in the pull down. More searching…..

Greetings! (Back for more? There’s medication for that, you know..)

At the end of day 2, I had built a DB schema in YAML, and symfony seemed to be reasonably comfortable with it, at least symfony propel-build-model didn’t toss up any errors.

But, symfony propel-build-all started griping about a mysql connection, so I’m thinking something isn’t right in my symfony config files.

Warning: SoapboxA personal note, I’m writing this from the Druid City Hospital’s Cath Lab waiting room. Evidently, DCH doesn’t allow SSH connections out. Grr^3. C’mon, folks, realize that of the few visitors with data devices, there is likely to be an admin who would really appreciate SSH or other access. Either provide Internet access or don’t. It’s not like SSH is bandwidth-intensive. Assuming a good security policy, it’s not a risk to devices inside the hospital. All blocking SSH does is annoy people like me who are actually trying to DO something while doing the “be there for a loved one” routine.End Soapbox.

Reading through (mt)’s docs, it looks like you’ve got to use (#’s replaced by your server number) for db connections. I’ve modified the ~/domains/ for this name. Now to find some way to test …

Well, it looks like I’m out of luck. No SSH from the Hospital. Cell phone has got net access, but SSH doesn’t work on it for some reason. So, by reason of limited net access, today is going to be cut short. On the other hand, I’m going to play some Nintendo DS!

More evidence I’m a geek. Just couldn’t stop fiddling with SSH on the phone, now it’s working.

Gave it a symfony propel-build-all, no luck – properties file doesn’t exist. What?

symfony clear-cache, tried again..better – at least a different error message. Now, it’s saying “wrapped: No driver has been registered to handle connection type:” Google, wherefore art thou? Possibility – here talks about this – adding a datasource: symfony in the database.yml file is reported to fix this.

Changed that line in database.yml, removed the insert in the schema.yml, and changed the propel.ini, but..nothing yet. Same error.

This may help, if I’ll read the whole thing. Yes, I’m impatient.

Day 1 – First symfony app

February 9th, 2008

Quinn has gotten me interested in web development with Symfony. For those who don’t know, Symfony is a PHP framework which implements the Model-View-Controller (MVC) architecture. This system allows breaking development down into a model (data), view (web stuff), and controller (how to get and what to do with data once we get it).

For my first app, I’m going to develop an app that keeps track of DVDs. We have a decent collection, and have gotten to the point where we frequently ask the question “do we have this one?” when shopping. Since we both have PDA Phones, I think this will be a big help to us. (Truthfully, it’ll be a small, quick app for me to learn on, too)

I’ve gotten hosting through (mt) MediaTemple. Specifically, their (gs) Grid Service (hey, I’m not running anything as big as Tech-Recipes!)

For starters, in this service, PEAR needs to be set up. (mt)’s knowledge base tells you how to do this for their service, others may need different procedures. PEAR’s own instructions are here.

With PEAR up and running, it’s time to see what we can do with symfony. (mt)’s KB takes you through installing symfony into a directory, then linking (mt)’s default ~/domains/ to the symfony/web directory.

Once all of this is done, you should be able to point your web browser to and get the wonderful “Symfony project created” welcome page. In my case, I got the page, but didn’t get the graphics. I needed to link the ~/domains/ to the sf directory on the main installation point of symfony. In (mt) (gs), this is /home/users/.home/pear/data/symfony/web/sf

Enough for day 1! Stay tuned for day 2…..