Here is the announcement.

First, thanks to zap2it for providing good guide data for a long time.

However, I’ve got to wonder.  Tribune is running the show at zap2it, so this move has the appearance of cutting off free access in favor of paid access.  The strange part – there isn’t an option for individuals to subscribe to this data!

Where does this leave MythTV?  Well, now we’ve got to go back to HTML scraping, for the most part.

For what it is worth, I have sent an email to Zap2It asking for them to reconsider.  I would urge anyone who uses, or is thinking about using, MythTV to send a nice email as well.

Hauppague Kudos!

June 12th, 2007

While the local CompUSA was still in business, I picked up a Hauppauge PVR-150 for the MythTV build.

When I took it out of the box, I had a bit of a surprise. The card should look like this.

Instead, it looked like:hauppauge card

What’s missing, you say? This: hauppauge thingey

Eeek! Since the store was closing, they were in a “no returns” mode, not that they were every very nice about returns. So, I emailed Hauppauge, and sent a couple of pics.

Hauppauge’s return team has got to be one of the best I’ve used. No problems, immediately got an RMA number, sent the card back, got a new one.

Kudos to Hauppauge for a great experience!

Greetings, all!

For those who don’t know, CompUSA is having a going-out-of-business sale. So, I have violated my earlier statement to never darken their doors again, but that is another story.

Inside the local soon-to-be-former CompUSA store, they have 30% off hardware, so it was worth a look. I grabbed a few items for the new system, namely, an Antec EA500 500W power supply, a CoolerMaster RC330 case, a Hauppauge PVR150-MCE kit, an 80 mm fan, and a 120mm fan.

So, all I’ve got left to procure is motherboard, CPU, RAM, and hard disks. In my newegg wishlist (mythtv server) is a DFI C51PV-m2/g motherboard, Athlon 64×2 3800 processor, 1 GB DDR2 667 RAM, and some HDs. Oh, and that big LCD HD-TV thing!

I keep hoping Hitachi will release the 1TB HDs, so the 500GBs will suffer a price drop! Likewise, I’m thinking about upping the processor some, mostly for future-proofing.

Back on the current progress, though, I’ve pulled the case out of the box, popped the power supply in, and attached the 120mm fan to the front of the case, and the 80mm to the side. There are two vents on the side, one with a processor stovepipe, the other was just screen. The 80mm fan fit well on that screen, and the included screws fit through the holes, too.

Be aware, if you’re looking for a case, this one is made from very thin material. One Newegg reviewer noted it was like an aluminum can, and I agree – this material is some of the thinnest I’ve ever seen in a case. The stovepipe is nice and adjustable, but I hope it will line up with the CPU. External drive bays are covered with mesh screens, just friction-fit, but it works well. All drive mountings have tool-less clip things, I’m hoping these will work, but I’m not sure about it. The clips and pins look like they will leave room for vibration, but I hope I’m wrong.

We also got an entertainment center! The local unfinished furniture store had one from, product #75555, paired with piers like #75656, with doors. Our old TV looks tiny on this unit!

More to come…

Quinn requested some pics, so here we go! May not want to view if you have a heart condition, hangnail, or other serious medical condition. Keep pets and small children away. (This is so scary, it broke the blog!)

Display: display

Outside: Case

Inside: Inside

Close-up: closeup

This is from the MythTV mailing list. If you’ve ripped a DVD as “perfect”, and want to remove audio tracks, except for English, here is the procedure:

Step 1. Dump the Audio: mplayer name.vob -dumpaudio -dumpfile audio.ac3 -benchmark -vo null -aid 128

Step 2. Dump the Video: mplayer -ao null name.vob -dumpvideo -dumpfile name.mp2 -benchmark

Step 3. Combine the two: mplex -f8 -o newname.vob /path_to/name.mp2 /path_to/audio.ac3

Many thanks to those on the list who fixed this problem! Thread can be found here.

The 2nd MythTV System

November 16th, 2006

Looking like it’s going to be a VIA EPIA, likely the CN13000G or SP13000.

Well, maybe not. Looking on MiniMyth, there is talk about an A8N-VM/Athlon64 3200+, and that’s cheaper than the EPIA. Decisions, decisions, decisions.

The CN uses the new CN700 video chipset, but there is an uncomfortable level of talk about unsupported features, namely MPEG2 decoding. The SP uses the CN400, lots of support talk with OpenChrome.

Add a half gig of RAM, a 250 GB HD and we’re just about in business.

A good howto on this configuration is here.

This MythTV installation will be a bit different. This will be a frontend-only machine, connected to the existing backend. Also, it will be connected to a TV through a JVC Receiver S-Video and S/PDIF.

MythTV: review of first system

November 7th, 2006

The foundation is an AsusA7V8X-X. Processor is an AMD Athlon 1Ghz, 512 MB RAM, an AGP8 ATI 128 MB video card, exact model I don’t remember. Storage is 2 250GB HD. The only display is a 17″ LCD. The card has S-Video out, but this has not been tested. TV hardware is a Hauppauge PVR150MCE. Sound comes through the onboard sound and a 5.1 PC speaker system.

Operating system is Debian. I did a net install, then ran apt-get update and apt-get upgrade to get the latest packages, just in case.

“apt-get install” and “apt-get search” are your friends. With this, install mysql, lirc, ivtv, and MythTV.

Lirc was my first big issue – the package didn’t have the MCE_USB module, so I had to grab the source and build it. Testing with irw helps you know if it’s working, at least from an IR perspective. You’ll need to work on the keypress profiles so the remote will actually do something.

Next issue was sound – arts was just killing the processor. Installed ALSA, fixed that issue, but no 5.1. Lots of rebuilding and mixer tweaking later, it’s going. The speaker-test utility is a big help troubleshooting this sort of issue, it can send a test tone to each speaker in sequence.

At this point, Myth is up and running, Interface works, remote works. Installed packages for DVD support, along with MythDVD. DVD playing works, but ripping doesn’t. Several rounds with MTD later, it would at least attempt to rip. I was trying to do ISO rips, but learned from the Myth mailing list that any read errors will cause those to fail. Perfect has worked perfectly.

This caused me to add the second 250GB HD – the first one filled up with Rips.

To-do list, no particular order:

  • Test S-Video Out
  • Upgrade to Myth .20
  • Frontend machine for living room
  • Frontend machine for bedroom
  • Frontend machine for hobby room