Greetings! (Back for more? There’s medication for that, you know..)

At the end of day 2, I had built a DB schema in YAML, and symfony seemed to be reasonably comfortable with it, at least symfony propel-build-model didn’t toss up any errors.

But, symfony propel-build-all started griping about a mysql connection, so I’m thinking something isn’t right in my symfony config files.

Warning: SoapboxA personal note, I’m writing this from the Druid City Hospital’s Cath Lab waiting room. Evidently, DCH doesn’t allow SSH connections out. Grr^3. C’mon, folks, realize that of the few visitors with data devices, there is likely to be an admin who would really appreciate SSH or other access. Either provide Internet access or don’t. It’s not like SSH is bandwidth-intensive. Assuming a good security policy, it’s not a risk to devices inside the hospital. All blocking SSH does is annoy people like me who are actually trying to DO something while doing the “be there for a loved one” routine.End Soapbox.

Reading through (mt)’s docs, it looks like you’ve got to use (#’s replaced by your server number) for db connections. I’ve modified the ~/domains/ for this name. Now to find some way to test …

Well, it looks like I’m out of luck. No SSH from the Hospital. Cell phone has got net access, but SSH doesn’t work on it for some reason. So, by reason of limited net access, today is going to be cut short. On the other hand, I’m going to play some Nintendo DS!

More evidence I’m a geek. Just couldn’t stop fiddling with SSH on the phone, now it’s working.

Gave it a symfony propel-build-all, no luck – properties file doesn’t exist. What?

symfony clear-cache, tried again..better – at least a different error message. Now, it’s saying “wrapped: No driver has been registered to handle connection type:” Google, wherefore art thou? Possibility – here talks about this – adding a datasource: symfony in the database.yml file is reported to fix this.

Changed that line in database.yml, removed the insert in the schema.yml, and changed the propel.ini, but..nothing yet. Same error.

This may help, if I’ll read the whole thing. Yes, I’m impatient.

I have a re-branded HTC Wizard PDA phone. All in all, it’s a nice device. There are some annoyances, such as “Internet Access” really means “web access”.

Then, I lost my power cord. No problem, I went to my local ATT (I call them the Death Star – look at the logo again) store and purchased a replacement. The phone would not charge. All sorts of disaster scenarios went through my head. A little research online, however, noted something interesting. The charger I purchased was a 5v, 750ma unit, but the charger that came with the phone was a 5v 1A unit.

Luckily, I found the charger that came with the phone, plugged it up, and it started to charge.

Two things irk me. First, since the phone uses a USB connector for power, HTC should have made the phone charge a fully discharged battery from the USB standard 5v/500ma power. Sure, it may take all night – no big deal. The bigger irk is the Death Star store selling a “replacement” charger that does not produce enough power to charge the phone.

Long story short – verify the power needs before going to a store. I made the assumption (yes, I know all about that word) that a replacement part from the same store from which I purchased the phone would work.

Here is the announcement.

First, thanks to zap2it for providing good guide data for a long time.

However, I’ve got to wonder.  Tribune is running the show at zap2it, so this move has the appearance of cutting off free access in favor of paid access.  The strange part – there isn’t an option for individuals to subscribe to this data!

Where does this leave MythTV?  Well, now we’ve got to go back to HTML scraping, for the most part.

For what it is worth, I have sent an email to Zap2It asking for them to reconsider.  I would urge anyone who uses, or is thinking about using, MythTV to send a nice email as well.

Soapbox: Cisco CallManager

December 28th, 2006

Let it be known that I like Cisco products, and CallManager is no exception.

However, parts of the user interface need some improvement.

For example, when a phone is created in the system, it has a “Device ID”, which is, for all practical purposes, its MAC address. (Working phones also have a phone number, you know, the digits you mash to call someone.

So, when you look for a phone, what is the default search term? Device ID. Who remembers their MAC address? (Ok, I do, but I do LAA so I can find myself when troubleshooting. Yes, I’m odd.) Who remembers their phone number? Everyone. Wouldn’t it make sense for the default search term to be the phone number?

It’s minor, but annoying.

Soapbox: The beginning.

December 28th, 2006

We’ve all got them.

Stuff that just drives us nuts.

Stuff that  any intelligent person would have done differently.

Stuff that proves the manufacturer/designer doesn’t use their own product.

So, I’ll be putting a few of mine up here.  It’s random, not in any order of chronology or severity.

Chime in if you want.  You know you’ve got ‘em…..