I don’t do windows

November 7th, 2005

But apparently, I will do stairs. A few months ago, I started looking for quotes on finishing our stairs. The first guy came highly recommended as a craftsman. He crafted up an estimate that could buy a very nice car. I was expecting a very nice hatchback from the late 80s. More reasonable quotes were obtained, but no one could start for at least three months. Being a Tech Chef and a certifiable do-it-myselfer, I decided that I could do stairs. David thinks this is a bad idea, although he’d rather I be building web apps. Here’s an early stage in the process:

All things considered, I’d rather be coding, too. Staining and four coats of polyurethane on 18 treads (300 pounds worth) and about a mile of hand rail and eight evil newels have made me think more than twice about giving up my day job. We joked about putting in an escalator and I’m wishing we’d given that more serious consideration now. Anyway, the wood looks beautiful and the stairs should be something else when they are done. Pity I’ll never let anyone walk on them.

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