Blogging is like sex…

January 4th, 2007

I have been brainstorming these for a while. Please feel free to add your own or edit the existing ones in the comments below.

Blogging is like sex because…

We learn from our experiences with others.

If you hire a professional, you expose yourself to a questionable past.

The youth worry about appearances over function.

Everybody occasionally loves a quickie. Too many quickies, however, will turn people off.

Exhaustion may be the only thing that stops you.

Many people like to do it right before sleep.

If you stop, you will miss it eventually.

You can do it alone, but it is a lot more productive to do with others. However, if you do it with too many people at once, it just gets all weird and awkward.

One mistake can follow you for life.

Although you may think otherwise, people can really tell if you care.

Most people think they could do it professionally. Most are wrong.

Although you must use your hands, the mind is the more important part.

Both can leave your desk a sticky mess.

Some wives wish their husbands would just stop — forever.

Too many accessories destroy the experience.

When you are drunk, it always seems like a good idea. However, the risk of regretting it the next morning is very high.

In a sick twist of fate, both can involve myspace.

Expensive toys are fun to use but not required.

Going at it alone can be fun for a while. Eventually, however, everybody wants feedback from others.

Although everybody thinks it is a good idea, recording video is often not worth the trouble. (cough – Scoble? – cough)

When you first start, you think about doing it all the time. As time passes, frequency decreases.

Beginners are very excited but often clumsy.

Life without it might be safer but it would be unbearably dull. (H. L. Mencken)

User Additions:


Doing either while on Vicodin isn’t really a good idea.
If you are caught doing it at work, you can lose your job.
Both can be done anytime and anywhere, although discretion is advised.


While you may be excited at the thought of having many people watching you, in actuality most observers will find it downright pathetic.


Try not to say the wrong thing.
Cleaning up is always needed.
If it’s bad for them, they won’t come back.
Quality > Quantity.


Length is oftentimes overrated.

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