Evidently, NBC-17 has sent out listening tour invitations to a ton of local bloggers here in the triangle…

We would like to invite you to our groundbreaking Blogger Ascertainment. We recognize the contributions bloggers are making to their readers and would like the opportunity to make a lasting connection with your important voice.

This meeting will be dedicated to finding out more about the important issues in your community, and suggestions on how we might be able to serve them better.

The mainstream media in a respectful manner reaches out to local bloggers. These are bloggers who have all ten typing fingers on the pulse of the community. These bloggers represent many groups who are trying to get their ideas expressed. The local media is reaching out to communities of writers who are typically trying to find unique ways of reaching out themselves.

And how does the “local blogging community” respond?

I. Lighthearted – Paul Jones: “I’m sure you mean well, but geez TV guys — Geeks want drinks! And those start after 5. Doncha know, we bloggers are still in our PJs at noon? ”

b. Snarky – Coturnix: “I’d like to ascertain you instead of being ascertained. I’d like to know more about what you want and what are you offering us….”

iii. Uppish – Brian Russell:

7. Be very honest early on about what you want from Bloggers. We are not free labor.

8. Most important: Treat bloggers as equals and with respect. The era of consumers and passive viewers is over. Put links to us on your website…

Before we start making recommendations, should we at least sit down with them first? This is like trying to figure out who gets the kids in the divorce before the first date.

As clumsy as it may be, NBC-17′s invite should be embraced within the local blogging community. It is an excellent opportunity from both sides.

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