You finally get your iPhone (after maybe waiting HOURS) and what happens during activation?  Error city!  Many people are reporting various errors… the one I have seen a couple of times is the following:

We’re sorry, AT&T has determined that your current account cannot be used with the iPhone.

Other people are seeing this error:

Your activation requires additional time to complete. 


I called the support number.  The lady there told us that they were having bugs with validation and that we should retry every 30 minutes or so until it works.  What the heck kind of advice is that?  Some people have reported that support at 1-866-907-3484 will correct it; however, that number is currently dead at 2225 EST.

Some people at the store were discussing that they had been trying to activate the phone for the last two hours without success.

This thread at macrumors has a discussion about this issue as well…

Did I predict this or what?

Here is a screenshot of one of the errors.


During this time, you CAN sync your music library with your device.  Just drag songs or playlists to your iPhone as listed under Devices in iTunes.   You can also brush up on your skills reading through these iPhone tutorials and tips.

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