At this point I know so little about symfony it is sad. I have had to reinstall my project several times now. I keep getting the steps out of order… so hopefully this will remind me the correct order in case I have to do it again.

573 $ cd ~
574 $ mkdir census
575 $ cd census
576 $ symfony init-project census
577 $ symfony init-app frontend

Create new database in phpMyAdmin

Edit entries in the config directory:

    – Create database scheme in schema.yml
    – Uncomment and point databases.yml to the correct db
    – Point propel.database.createUrl and propel.database.url to the correct db in propel.ini

579 $ symfony propel-build-model
580 $ symfony propel-build-sql
581 $ symfony propel-insert-sql
582 $ symfony propel-generate-crud frontend patient Patient
583 $ symfony cc frontend config
584 $ symfony init-app backend

Obviously, census is the name of my project and the directory. patient/Patient relates my db.

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