This morning I look the time to email the Durham area senators and representatives about this bill.  I will quote what I included in my email here:

I feel strongly that we should not restrict how towns and communities build their internet infrastructure.

I originally grew up in small town in Mississippi. We struggled to make ends meet. Realizing the future, my parents sacrificed so that I could have a computer and access to the primitive version of the internet.  This access allowed me to accelerate my education and computer skills.  I believe this early access to the internet was one of the key reasons for my future success.

The internet is the great equalizer. If a large company refuses to provide adequate internet to an area, these communities must have a way to provide internet to their population.  Most people will not even live in an area without adequate internet access anymore.

Equally, TWC already greatly limits broadband access throughout our area. Just because we feel that we have adequate broadband internet access today, do we know that we will tomorrow?  Do we know if we currently have enough roads and bridges to last us forever, for example? Restricting the methods that communities can compete and develop infrastructure hurts all of us.

Here you can see the list of representative who voted for and against this bill:

Democrat Republican
Ayes: Representative(s): Brisson; Carney; Crawford; Earle; Graham; Hamilton; Hill; Michaux; Moore, R.; Owens; Pierce; Spear; Wainwright; Warren, E.; Wray Representative(s): Avila; Blackwell; Blust; Boles; Brawley; Brown, L.; Brown, R.; Brubaker; Burr; Cleveland; Collins; Cook; Current; Daughtry; Dixon; Dockham; Dollar; Faircloth; Folwell; Frye; Gillespie; Guice; Hager; Hastings; Hilton; Hollo; Holloway; Horn; Howard; Hurley; Iler; Ingle; Johnson; Jones; Jordan; Justice; Killian; Langdon; LaRoque; Lewis; McComas; McCormick; McElraft; McGee; McGrady; Mills; Moffitt; Moore, T.; Murry; Pridgen; Randleman; Rhyne; Sager; Samuelson; Sanderson; Setzer; Shepard; Stam; Starnes; Steen; Stevens; Stone; Tillis (SPEAKER); Torbett; Warren, H.; West
Noes: Representative(s): Adams; Alexander, K.; Alexander, M.; Bell; Bordsen; Brandon; Bryant; Cotham; Faison; Farmer-Butterfield; Fisher; Floyd; Gill; Glazier; Goodman; Hackney; Haire; Hall; Harrison; Insko; Jackson; Jeffus; Keever; Lucas; Luebke; Martin; McGuirt; McLawhorn; Mobley; Parfitt; Parmon; Rapp; Ross; Tolson; Weiss; Wilkins; Womble Representative(s): None

To find out your representation, you may search by your county or zip code.

Here’s a nice reddit discussion about this issue.

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