Techcrunch lets us know that newsvine acquired by Newsvine had raised $1.5 million in capital prior to this.

Considering the estimated metrics of newsvine, this really surprises me. Of course, all of these services are estimations. Let’s look at the numbers:

I’ll include tech-recipes in the comparisons for a baseline…


Compete – SnapShot of,
Alexa – Graph of,
Quantcase –,

I personally do not use google’s blogger service; however, I always appreciate that they open up their upcoming services early for testing.  Google Blogoscoped reports that will get a blogger user early access to a ton of new features.  How to use these new features would be excellent fodder for new tech-recipes…

Also from Google Blogoscoped is news that google analytics now has clickable referral links. So now you are one click away from seeing what others users are saying about you around the web.