This probably will not last long, but it is fun for now. Much like our hacking the wii servers with firefox post, user agents are providing fun once again.

Starbucks and AT&T wifi recently opened up free access to the iPhone. By changing the user agent the browser, anybody can make their browser look like the iPhone to the servers. A couple of easy switches away and it is access for everybody.

Here is how to do it in Safari. Switching user agents in firefox is almost as easy. This documents the iPhone user agent information.

1. Open Safari while connected to a AT&T wifi
2. Enter the Preferences, select the Advanced tab, and then select Show the Develop menu in the menu bar
3. From the Develop menu select User Agent
4. Select the iPhone User-Agent
5. The page will reload and ask for a geniune iPhone number. Everybody has a friend with an iPhone, right?
6. Welcome to free internet from Starbucks

I did a quick demonstration of this at my local Starbucks. Forgive the stammering but I didn’t want to take a bunch of cuts sitting outside the coffee house. Screenflow is adding some pauses and slurring too… Nice, but buggish program.

High resolution pod cast available here. YouTube video available below.

tease for youtube free wifi starbucks video

Each Christmas brings a flood of people looking to fill their new music devices with yummie, free media. 

MickeyMouse’s tech-recipe should help users get started:

Free Music and Videos for iPod or Zune – The Megalist

Included in this tutorial are the following methods:

  • Using Google to Find Music and Video Files
  • Place YouTube Videos on the Zune
  • Ripping Sound Streams to Music Files
  • Hacking Pandora and Soundclick
  • Free Mp3 Blogs and Sites

Please post any other ideas you have.  We’ll be glad to send out some tech-recipes swag for the best new methods.

My favorite new read-for-pure-pleasure blog is FastAndLoud. The author, FFF, approached me a few months ago with the idea. He wanted to express his politically-incorrect views on our modern culture in a freeform, blogish format.

(Of course, doesn’t everybody?)

However, we gave him a little piece of server space and he has never looked back. His articles were quickly burning up digg and shoutwire. Here’s a few that you’ve probably heard about already:

Now, he’s selling a ton of his wit-based swag. No fair! We are not even selling tech-recipes swag yet!

Check out his site and subscribe to his feed–you’ll either be amused or offended on a routine basis. Isn’t that all that we can really ask for?

Ripping Rapidshare for Free Stuff

September 27th, 2005

Rapidshare is a little service that allows people to upload files… and then allows anybody else to download these files. Rapidshare could care less if the files are archives, videos, music files, or whatever. As you can imagine, these files are often from the dark side of the internet.

I just validated another one of MickeyMouse’s recipes. This tutorial explains how to use google to search all the files available on rapidshare. Kick butt idea!

In just searching for a few minutes, I found several music mash-up files that made me chuckle. It is obvious that a ton of non-DRM protected media could be obtained using this technique.

As Mickey suggests, combining this technique with AlexTheBeast’s tutorial on beating rapidshare download limits and waiting times should be very interesting.