Matt Cutts is one of google’s most public faces. His insights into google’s philosophy and direction are high yield information.

Although usually followed for the etiquette and ethics of search engine optimization, Matt is also a highly skilled tutorial writer. Followers of tech-recipes will certainly appreciate these gems from his blog.

Moving to a New Web Host – Seemlessly moving to a new host or IP without losing google juice is a gastric reflux inducing concern. From MySQL dumps to DNS changes, these step-by-step directions will help keep the heartburn at bay.

Dynamic Adjustment of iFrame Height – The use of iFrame elements are necessary evils in some projects. Matt’s ideas and the comments that follow should help solve many common iFrame issues. Since adsense uses iFrames, it is not surprising that google would be interested in smooth iFrame integration.

Highlight Author Comments in WordPress – On Matt’s blog (and the upcoming transition of tech-recipes to WP) author comments are highlighted in an unique color for easy identification. Matt’s code and the suggestions that follow explore multiple solutions for this issue.

Downloading and Splitting Podcasts in Linux – Podcasts are wonderful sources of information; however, getting them into bite-sized morsels can be difficult. Matt’s tutorial downloads the podcasts and carves them into manageable sections for ease and comfort.

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Last night we finally figured out the vertical scrolling error. As the problem was mainly isolated to apple systems, I thought I would chat with the webkit guys to see if maybe it was a newly discovered bug with their rendering engine. On IRC, Mitzpettel took a look at the html/css and decided that it was actual bug with their rendering engine. A few minutes later, he figured out a work-around that I could use for the site. It was an amazing experience. If webkit had a browser for windows, I would try it out in a heartbeat.

Interestingly, webkit is based on the KHTML engine from KDE. This would explain why some non-Apple users were having problems with this bug as well. If you have one of these browsers and would like to test it out, I have created a barebones site demostrating this bug.

I do want to thank all of the users who reported the problem and continue to give us helpful feedback regarding the site.

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September 7th, 2005

How to backup your data to a remote server using the default tools available on all linux systems – ssh, tar and cron.