ABC News Blog Spamming My Site

August 17th, 2007

I guess I have now seen it all. ABC is blog spamming my site.

They posted the comment to this completely unrelated blog post — The PR Pain — Blog First, Test Later. That blog post is only a year old, btw.

The comment and my email response back to them are quoted below.

The blog comment –

Lauren | | | IP:

ABC News in New York would like to extend an opportunity for your video comments to air on our program and be posted on our website.

ABC News Now’s “Healthy Life� wants you to ‘Talk Back’ about using generic brand drugs. Which do you use — generic or name-brand? Why? Generic drugs are cheaper than name brands — but do they provide the same relief & results? Have you had any problems with generic brands?

Tell us your story on-camera! Send in your video comments by Friday, August 17th at 9 a.m. EDT and it could be aired on ABC News Now!

It’s easy! Here’s HOW:

ABC News is specifically requesting 15-45 second video comments or photos.

1) Via cell phone
Record a clip and email it to:

2) Via the web:

We look forward to hearing from you & thanks again for your participation. Should you have any questions about this project, email us back at this address:


- The ABC News “Talk Back� Team

My email response –


I realize that some mainstream media journalists may not familiar with proper etiquette on blogs. However, posting unrelated comments on a blog post for the sole purpose of driving traffic/attention to your site is considered poor form.

I would appreciate a response.



Author of See One, Do One, Teach One

Imus is an idiot. He is so isolated that he has no clue where the line between humor and insult lives. Slamming girls who have worked tirelessly to become the best they can be. Pitiful.

Most of us understand the issue to that point, and then the wheels fall off. The main stream media is slowing eating itself. Good riddance.

TV talking heads are chomping to slam rap artists who use derogatory terms toward females. Heck, you can’t get more degrading than “It’s Hard Out Here for a Pimp.” This part of the “Hustle & Flow” Soundtrack was part of the Academy Awards Ceremony.

The CNN/MSNBC/FOX “journalists”and bloggers are now shocked that society rewards rappers and fires shock-jocks for the same language. Are you kidding me?

A song author must use the language that fits the environment of the song. If you are trying to accurately portray the life of a pimp, you are not going to be Mr. Goodie-Goodie with your language.

It is not wrong to sing about pimping out women; it is wrong to do it. Taking a picture of a crime is not the same as performing the crime. Art is sacred. Recording an experience through song, photography, essay, whatever… it’s all art. It must be geniune.

As a shock jock, Imus could also claim that his “humor” is his art. Indeed, the humorists will be the next ones to feel the slippery slope. Who will be brave enough to attempt racial humor now? Is every comedian, sports announcer, journalist, and shock jock just one bad joke away from unemployment? Yes, the damn cliche works… you can’t define where funny stops and insult starts, you just know it when you see or hear it.

Maybe the I-Man should have just gone to rehab; however, he did not play the game correctly. Imus is unemployed and silenced.

If Imus were internet-based, he might have less advertisers now, however, he would still have a voice. He could still publish on a daily basis through podcasts, audio streams, or blog posts. Instead, he has been destroyed by the main stream media… the same media that is destroying their own freedom of speech.

Art is art. Sometimes it is ugly and painful.

Imus is an idiot. Ditto.