As much as I like the iTunes store, DRM is painful. Therefore, I was very excited to try the new Amazon DRM-free music download service. The songs are truly unprotected mp3s. I purchased music and was able to play it from any computer in my house. Very nice.

With my next experiment, I downloaded the same song from two different accounts. The results of the unix diff and cmp commands show that the two songs were identical. If the songs downloaded from different accounts at different times are perfectly identical, the music files are very unlikely to contain personally identifiable watermarks.


Before you start shouting that I support piracy, I do not. I just hate DRM. Recently I tried to “purchase” a song for use as background music for a home video in iMovie. I got the song through iTunes, and iMovie choked everytime it tried to use it. No matter what I attempted, the process would never complete. Eventually I ripped the song to CD and used it successfully for my family pictures.

I will be cheering for our new DRM-free overlords.

Save Pandora

March 16th, 2007

The Copyright Royalty Board is trying to kill online music. 

Pandora and other online music services will not be able to survive.

You can help in the fight for Pandora and online music. 

Go save internet radio.

Each Christmas brings a flood of people looking to fill their new music devices with yummie, free media. 

MickeyMouse’s tech-recipe should help users get started:

Free Music and Videos for iPod or Zune – The Megalist

Included in this tutorial are the following methods:

  • Using Google to Find Music and Video Files
  • Place YouTube Videos on the Zune
  • Ripping Sound Streams to Music Files
  • Hacking Pandora and Soundclick
  • Free Mp3 Blogs and Sites

Please post any other ideas you have.  We’ll be glad to send out some tech-recipes swag for the best new methods.

Airport — Free MP3

December 10th, 2006

A really close friend of mine is a brillant musician.  Recently, he moved out of LA and started reconnecting to his talents. 

He really has a gift for stick-in-your-head kids music.  I’ve been listening to his latest work for days now.  My whole family loves it.

Enjoy the free mp3 download – Airport by S A Thomas.

After wrestling with WMP 10  in trying to organize my music collection, I downloaded WMP 11 Beta to give it a whirl.  It looks really pretty but broke my Windows Media Connect.

My Roku Soundbridge happily connects to my desktop using Windows Media Connect to stream my music collection throughout my abode.  Without media connect, all my Soundbridge will do is play internet radio.  Now, internet radio is amazingly sweet, but I want to hear my personal tunes as well.

I liked Media Connect because it was one of the few parts of Windows that is not built into the OS.  If you need it, you would just download it and use it. 

WMP 11 screws that up.  WMP 11 integrates Media Connect into the media player.  So even if you never, ever, need it… it is there. 

Anyway, in my case the old Media Connect found all my songs.  The new WMP 11 showed them all on my local machine, but only showed about a tenth of them to my Soundbridge.

What pain.   Luckily, uninstalling WMP 11 and reinstalling Windows Media Connect was all I needed to do.  WMP 11 is going to be an excellent upgrade–eventually.  For now, though, I would rather have all my tunes streamed across my network than look at a improved interface.

Synth Envy

August 30th, 2006

I recently purchased the novation x-station midi/synth hybrid.  I loved the fact that it will not only happily spit midi, but that it also has a wonderful generation engine as well.

Even with this new toy, I have developed a sudden case of synth envy.  These guys have created a fantasic star trek & simpson’s mash up using a couple of keyboards, a funnel, and a thermin.

I am not envious of their equipment.  I am jealous of their talent!  Great work, guys.  This really makes me miss my synth god buddy Stevo.

Pinball Number Song

August 22nd, 2006

OneTwoThree FOUR FIVE SixSevenEight NINE TEN Eleven Twelve!

The best number counting song EVAR!

YouTube: Pinball Number Counting Song

Ripping Rapidshare for Free Stuff

September 27th, 2005

Rapidshare is a little service that allows people to upload files… and then allows anybody else to download these files. Rapidshare could care less if the files are archives, videos, music files, or whatever. As you can imagine, these files are often from the dark side of the internet.

I just validated another one of MickeyMouse’s recipes. This tutorial explains how to use google to search all the files available on rapidshare. Kick butt idea!

In just searching for a few minutes, I found several music mash-up files that made me chuckle. It is obvious that a ton of non-DRM protected media could be obtained using this technique.

As Mickey suggests, combining this technique with AlexTheBeast’s tutorial on beating rapidshare download limits and waiting times should be very interesting.