I have been weeding through my feed subscriptions. Seeing “links for” is an instant unsubscribe…

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Greg Reinacker is the founder and CTO of NewsGator.  He also happens to do some excellent professional photography. An interesting opportunity just walked up and smacked Greg across the head. He has pictures from a photography shoot from one of the contestants–Amy Davis.

Please allow me the snarkish oppertunity to interpret his blog post…

For the first time ever, I’ve started watching American Idol this year. And imagine my surprise when I see that Amy Davis is one of the final 24 contestants.

Amazing coincidence! American Idol is been on TV for seven seasons now. The year he finally to jump on the bandwagon just happened to be the season that he had unpublished photos of one of the finalists.

Just over a year ago, I spent a week on a small island near St. Thomas, doing a series of photo shoots. One of the models was Amy Davis. I remember thinking wow, beautiful and talented model…

We are all thinking right now… wow, being a CEO and photog rocks! Beautiful island, beautiful girls… wow. I am physically making the rock-n-roll devil hand sign over my laptop right now.

…and I’ve got literally hundreds of photos of her. So in the interest of helping her win, I’m going to post one previously unpublished photo here every week she stays in the competition.

Hundreds of photos, folks. Hundreds! Every week she’s in the contest, we get a new photo. Every week people are googling for her, Greg gets some juicy traffic. What could go wrong?


Huh, oh. :) Oh, well… at least we get to see her in some newsgator swag.

Releasing the NewsGator suite for free should get Greg some loving as well. Although Google’s Reader is superior to NewsGator’s online service, the NewsGator local clients far exceed Google Reader in speed and features.