Each day tech-recipes gets a ton of comments. In fact, often the information that is left in the comments is more helpful that the original tutorial. 

Like on many other popular web sites, spammers frequently try to use our comments to gain attention for their own websites. 

Microsoft not only decided to spam our comments but is trying to steal our authors too?  Boo!  :)

microsoft blog spam

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Google is preparing a web-based powerpoint-like tool. 


Simply put, Google is a fly on the elephant that is Microsoft right now. But all Google has to do is make Microsoft defend the Office business. If Microsoft has to respond to Google Docs–it doesn’t yet–the software giant won’t be able to focus on search and keyword advertising. Even a company with Microsoft’s cash pile has limited resources.

Fly on the elephant?

Yes, it is another example of Microsoft playing chess while Google is playing go.

In January, 2006 Microsoft announced that personalized menus would be disabled in all programs in future versions of office.  As this is one of office’s most hated features, I think this is a wise decision.

I frequently hear people complain about this feature.  Why don’t they just turn it off?

Disabling personalized menus in all versions of office is not difficult or painful.