The purpose of is to review your website and find all your spelling errors. Now in beta, has opened to a few beta testers, and I was lucky enough to be selected to test the service. I have posted a screencast showing the service in action. screencast

A service like this should be very important to most blogs. Most people are going to search for terms that are correctly spelled. Therefore, having the correct spelling is essential to getting good placement by google in the search rankings. Of course, misspellings are unprofessional as well.

I am a horrible, horrible speller… and mightyq is constantly correcting my destruction of our language. Thus, I was very excited to use the service.

Sadly, right now, there is no way to create a custom dictionary. Therefore, instead of easily finding my misspellings, I was flooded with words and jargon that were not in the simple dictionary. Of course, without the ability to add words or to filter these common terms, finding the misspellings among all the other tagged words is almost impossible.

However, the custom dictionary is coming. If it will be enough to find the misspelled needles in the haystack remains to be seen. My fingers are crossed, and I bet they will succeed.

Addendum: Kevin from has already commented on at our higher resolution podcast on this topic.

CamTwist is an OS X application that will add realtime video affects to a video stream. Most commonly CamTwist is used to provide video effects to a webcam or live video stream. CamTwist is free and requires a version of OS X that supports Quartz Extreme. This screencast demonstrates all the currently included video effects. Youtube version and higher resolution video podcast versions of this demo are available. CamTwist is free and is available now.

CamTwist demo

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PBS and Nerd TV Rock

November 8th, 2005

I was skimming around looking for good podcasts and decided to check out PBS’s Nerd TV. To have an RSS for their podcast is a nice touch. However, what really impressed me was the ability to get their files in mp3, ogg, and AAC formats. If that’s not geeky enough for you, you can torrent them instead of just straight downloads as well.

It’s good to see PBS take the “cover everything” approach; they are ahead of the game.