Vista Sidebar Now for XP

October 9th, 2005

This morning somebody dugg my recipe for getting the sidebar to work in the lastest vista build with additional directions on actually getting it to work in XP. Apparently, AlexTheBeast put the parts together and developed a new recipe describing how to get the vista/longhorn sidebar to work in XP. These posts were popular… and got us some front page time on

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The server had a hiccup which slowed things down for a bit, but since that time, it is holding the traffic very well.

Thanks go out to Rafael,, AlexTheBeast, and nextsteposx.

Sidebar for Vista Leaked!

September 22nd, 2005

Another hat-tip to MickeyMouse for sharing with us’s leak of the vista sidebar. I am really disappointed in the gadgets that are available for it right now. The clock is cool. The RSS feeder only does one feed and the slide show viewer is just eye candy. The leak is great, however, because it allows developers to start creating their own gadgets now.

Or does it? According to Microsoft Gadgets, the leaked version of the sidebar is very different from the final version that will be released: “any gadgets developed for this will be incompatible with the platform that ships as part of Windows Vista. The differences in the platform are considerable.”

Anyway, any new toy in the vista front is good news to our ears.

Rock on! has posted a download and instructions for getting the sidebar working in vista/longhorn build 5219. Gotta play with this!