Here is what Lucus said about it

Dean Smith asked Alexander Julian to redesign the Tar Heel hoops uniforms prior to the 1991-92 season. At that time, Julian famously described the task as, “Like God calling asking you to make new halos for the archangels.” The famous designer’s changes included the argyle, a bolder trim, and an upgraded fabric. Before the final version was decided, he came up with several different sketches, including one drawing that looked suspiciously like a sweater vest. OK, maybe that was a little strange, but it’s still better than a unitard.

The next major change came before the 1999-2000 season, with the jerseys that featured the interlocking “NC” on the front. Fans hated those jerseys…until the team made the Final Four, and all of a sudden they didn’t seem so bad anymore.

All things considered, Carolina uniforms have remained remarkably consistent over the last two decades. There will always be subtle changes from year to year–a tweaked uniform means new product for Nike to sell–but nothing as dramatic as what the Tar Heels saw from Oregon in Maui. The Ducks had a crate full of Maui-specific team gear, including casual Hawaiian shirts, jerseys with a floral trim, and shoes that repeated that same trim. Oregon also wore the same Hawaiian themed warmup t-shirts worn by the Tar Heels. And no, those t-shirts aren’t for sale.

Susan Dickenson has the best article describing Alexander Julian’s design process for those uniforms.  Here, Julian describes exactly the origination for the Argyle idea:

Some people think the argyle came from Dean Smith’s old four corners play because it looks kind of like that, but actually it came from the fact that my first Coty award was catylyzed by a 14-color argyle sweater. That was my ‘lucky’ argyle and so I put my ‘lucky’ argyle on these uniforms and we won the national championship the next year.

Last night as Eli (Hotty Totty!) led that last drive to seal the deal for the Giants, I cannot imagine Archie Manning’s pride.  For the last two years his sons have been Super Bowl MVPs.

Speaking for many dads out here, I’ll say thanks, Archie.  I think you have set a new standard in the kingdom of Fatherhood.

Just so I don’t have to search for this next time…

Here are the online radio stations I have found that cover UNC basketball and football games.

106.1 Rooster Raleigh
WLON 1050-AM Lincolnton
Albemarle WSPC-AM 1010

I found these by doing a google search for the radio stations found listed by the university as the tarheel sports network. Many of the stations listed did not have feeds. Most of the ones that supposedly had feeds would play the initial station promo and then would just display silence instead of the actual feed.

Hansbrough Dunks on Iona

November 20th, 2007

This was an amazing dunk even from my cheap seats…

[youtube wtPU9vhJ2_4]

UNC Wins!

March 4th, 2007

Our 86-72 victory over 14th-ranked Duke clinches the top seed in the Atlantic Coast Conference tournament.


The just-crowned ACC tourney champs girls BB team walked out near the middle of Duke’s largest push of the game.  The crowd went nuts, and UNC regained the momentum for the rest of the game.

Hansbrough played amazingly well; however, he did get a nasty bloody nose at the end.  From where I was sitting, it was hard to see if Gerald Henderson thugged him or not.

This was the first time that I stayed and watched the senior speeches at the end of the game.  It’s good to see the heart that these kids have.  It also reminded me how many of the UNC players hit the NBA long before their senior years.

The ACC is so nuts this year.  By winning this game we receive the first seed in the ACC tournament.  If we would have lost, we would have dropped to fifth.  Bizarro tight conference this year.

Sorry to be ranting about football, but I need to get this off my chest.

First the positive…

  • Eli Manning 23 of 33 for 256 yards with 1 TD.
  • Deuce McAllister 15 rushes for 123 yards with 1 TD.

Other than having amazing games today, what do these guys have in common?  Yeah, they both are alumni from my old stomping grounds at Ole Miss.

Now the negative…

I have long been a Dallas fan.  I like the Big Tuna.  Ware, Witten, Williams, Jones, Glenn–I love them all.  Heck, I’ll even tolerate TO. 

Can we please, please put Drew Bledsoe out to pasture?  I am really a fan, honestly.  However, it is now time to give Romo the reigns.

It is easy to tell when a quarterback is over–when he loses his hop.  A good quarterback hops up and down on his toes in the pocket.  Tennis players and soccer goalies do this too.  The rhythmic bounce allows a player to move with quickness.

Drew Bledsoe has no bounce.  Daunte Culpepper has no bounce.  Both Dallas and Miami are having horrible seasons.

Bye, Bledsoe.  We need somebody with a little skip in his walk.