I don’t know why I felt I had to see it. Was it memories of Pulp Fiction? Nah, I missed Kill Bill without a blink. Was it Tarantino discussing his thoughts around the movie on O&A? Maybe. All I know was that I knew it would be an adventure… and I was correct.

Tarantino frequently has “movie night” at his house. He invites a bunch of people over, picks a couple of obscure movies, mixes in some relevant trailers, and makes a night of it. Rodriguez and Tarantino now shares this infamous experience with us.

The idea of the GrindHouse theater is in full effect with missing cuts, screen litter, and poor edits. Obnoxious boobs complete the package.

Rodriguez’s “Planet Terror” is a high action zombie movie. Pus, blood, action, sex, and destruction are all delivered with a plot that flies fast and loose. Funny and gross out moments prevent the pure action overload. Superstar actors work well with the who-the-hells.

Tarantino’s “Death Proofâ€? is much slower and dialog heavy–in fact, frequently too slow. That’s a gripe, but it’s a necessary evil to enjoy as much Tarantino dialog as possible. Kurt Russell is amazing as Stuntman Mike (which will soon become a very popular nick across the internet, I predict). Watching Tarantino here I know I am missing half of his references to historical films. The internet experts and a Tarantino walkthrough on the eventual DVD will tell me what all I missed.

The films are not perfect. Obviously, they have purposeful flaws that help to give the feeling of the genre; however, certain pacing issues and plot development certainly dampens the overall grindhouse flavor.

It really does not change my feelings on the film though. This is a radical new way to deliver a film experience to an audidence. To rebuild and recycle from what is ignored… and then to find a way to parody and reference it… and then ultimately to package into a smash production…

Genius. Absolute genius.