Update your Java for Vista

September 18th, 2006

To continue on today’s theme of keeping vista from flaking on non-compatible software, Sun has released an early version of Java that does not break aero.

Thanks to Scott Hanselman via Ed Bott.

Not that any tech-recipes users would ever need it, but Sun is offering a promotion now that allows users to retake Sun and Java certifications once if needed.

So if you fail, you get to try, try again. Of course, if you are referencing areas like our solaris section and our certification journal site, you are never going to worry about it anyway.

(Disclaimer:  This Sun/Java news is brought to you in an attempt to appease MightyQ.  He needs a little happy boost while he is busy hacking away at new features for our beloved tech-recipes.)

No more Trusted Solaris

October 10th, 2005

Sun plans to phase out Trusted Solaris and instead offer security extensions software that will sit on top of Solaris to provide all of the features of Trusted Solaris. I remember thinking how cool it would be to use Trusted Solaris on a box… I’d feel like I was in the CIA shooting suspicious sidelong glances out of my cube as I keep all of my super secret data… secret. Then reality set in as I realized that it implemented the really tedious, mind numbing aspects of security, the seemingly exciting (but oh so not) aspects of Red Book classifications C2 and B1, blah blah. Very important stuff, but not very much fun. Sun hasn’t released a Trusted Solaris since some version of Solaris 8. Can’t blame them.. I bet getting the OS through its certification process is even less fun than using it. Here are details.

StarOffice 8 is here

September 27th, 2005

StarOffice 8 is beta no more. Download it here.