I have never been to this area of the country before. Maybe it’s just the resort, but everything seems so laid back here. Simple structures, simple music. My buddy Stevo would love it. If LA has this vibe, I now understand why he is so happy there.

Less is more. Quinn and I have been saying it a lot lately. T has been doing an amazing job trying to simplify the things in our life. I really get the “less is more” vibe here. Cactus surrounded by barren ground is common. Grass is found on only in isolated, manicured patches.

Maybe the 12 hrs of getting medical education slammed into my brain each day makes me appreciate the less complicated. Maybe its that Quinn and I are trying to design a zillion amazing projects all at once. Maybe it’s a buddy of mine getting out of the medical field to do only computer stuff. Maybe it’s everything and maybe it’s nothing.

So here I sit outside drinking a Blue Moon and eating sushi. I’m listening to a couple guitar players playing gentle guitar rock. I’m blogging. I’m missing my family.

The calmness is therapy. Less is more.

I’m going to close my notebook and watch the children dance for a while.

Phoenix pictures.


In our NC beach explorations with the Cashion family, we enjoy using their large Quest 12X12 foot first-up tent. However, securing any tent on gusty days can be difficult. In the past we have tried the included stakes and pegs with minimal success.

This year Mike went to REI to ask them the best way to secure the tent in soft sand. The first potential solution were expensive corkscrew type tent peg holders; however, these seemed an excessive solution. The REI salesman suggested a common technique used in securing tents in the snow. By filling simple 7 X 15 inch “stuff bags” with wet sand, strong anchors would be created. The sale price that day was impressive at 3-4 dollars per bag.

Despite 15-20 mph winds, the wet sand bags worked like a charm. Last year any strong gust of wind would dislodge the holders or shift the tent. This year the tent never budged.

Hats off to REI for not trying to upsell us.