Last Request: Please Don’t Smoke

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As a pulmonologist and an ICU physician, this is the most powerful picture I have seen in a while…

Was My Twitter Account Hacked?

February 28th, 2008

Last night I started receiving tweets and IMs about strange messages appearing on twitter accounts. The complaints were so widespread and random that it certainly felt more like a twitter error than a hacking spree.

Soon after the odd messages appeared, twitter went down to fix the error.

twitter_status has now reported that the issue has been resolved:

If you briefly saw an unexpected page this evening, apologies. The bug has been fixed.

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Just about one year ago, I stated that Dallas should make Tony Romo their starting quarterback

I have long been a Dallas fan. I like the Big Tuna. Ware, Witten, Williams, Jones, Glenn–I love them all. Heck, I’ll even tolerate TO. Can we please, please put Drew Bledsoe out to pasture? I am really a fan, honestly. However, it is now time to give Romo the reigns.

  • Bad night at the hospital. Heading home. iPhone on hospital wifi is a great quick resource though. #
  • (tell?) #
  • Finally getting around to planting the basil in the backyard. A is demanding that I clean out her sandbox as well. #

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With still over ten tech-recipes in the queue to review, I did want to post a quick listing of all the tips in our vista catagory thus far.

This does not include the tips I have included in my vista blog posts.  This also does not include tutorials related to both XP and vista that were placed in other categories.

Huge thanks go out to all the authors who have submitted tweaks, tips, and tutorials.  We still have some t-shirts, golf shirts, and amazon gift certificates available for hot submissions.

Vista: Enable or Disable Aero Glass Transparency Effect
Vista / Longhorn: Transparency Glass Effect Screenshots and Examples
Vista / Longhorn: Install the Sidebar into Build 5219
Install the Vista / Longhorn Sidebar into XP
Vista: How to Uninstall Vista on Dual Boot Machine
Make XP look like Windows Vista / Longhorn for free!
Vista Beta 2 Build 5308: Enable the Sidebar and Gadgets
Vista Installation: Upgrade A347SCSI or D347PRT during Compatibility Check
Vista: Disable DEP or NoExecute Protection to fix Explorer Crashing
Vista: Make the Run Box Appear on the Start Menu or Shortcut
Vista: Show or Unhide File Extensions
Vista: Display Classic Menus in Explorer and Folders and Keep Them Displayed
Vista: Enable and Disable Desktop Compositing
Vista: Flip-3D Window Changer or Switcher (ALT-TAB replacement) with Screenshot
Vista: Stop the start menu from logging your recently opened programs and files
Vista Build 5308: Disable Permission Passwords
Vista Build 5308: Disable Activation
Removing Windows Vista Bootloader from Startup
Vista: Disable or Enable User Access Protection (UAP)
Vista: Return Icons to the Smaller Classic XP Size
Vista: Delay / Work-Around for Windows Activation Grace Period
Vista: Change WEP Key and Settings
Vista: Add Shortcuts to Favorite Links Sidebar in Explorer
Vista: Should I Install 64-bit or 32-bit Version? (x64 vs x86)
Vista: Disable the Digital Driver Signing Enforcement
Vista: Place a Shortcut to Flip3D (Flip-3D) Back in the Quick Launch Toolbar
Vista Error and Fix: 0x8007000D – Data is Invalid
Vista Audio: Set Bit Depth, Sample Rate, and Exclusive Mode
Vista: Show Extensions for Known File Types
Vista Bug: The Sun Version of Java Causes IE7 to Lock-Up
Windows Media Player (WMP) 11: Customize the Window Color
How to View Hidden and System Files and Folders in Vista
Vista: Shrink Partition – New Feature!
Automatic Defrag Disable and Enable in Vista
Vista: Windows Performance Diagnostic Console – New Benchmarking Feature!
Vista DNS Cache: Flush, Clear, or Reset
Vista: How To Change Picture Associated With Domain Account
Vista: Slow Down DWM Animations
Vista: Quick Launch Hot Keys
Vista Bug: Cannot Connect to All Web Sites
Vista: TCP Window Scaling Errors – Cannot communicate with Primary DNS Server
Vista: Installing the Telnet Client
Vista Photo Gallery: Stop Growing Thumbnails
Vista: Use Small Icons in Start Menu
Vista: 800A0046. Permission denied. VBScript runtime error
Vista: Resizing Icons Made Simple
Vista: Copy Path of File or Folder
Vista: Ultimate Mobile / NoteBook Utility
Vista: Add Additional Clocks to Taskbar
Vista: Remove Personal Information from Image Files
Vista: Change Date Taken of Image Files
Vista: Change Time Taken of Image Files
Vista: Use Photo Gallery to Touch Up Your Photos
How to Boot into Vista’s Audit Mode
Vista: Activation Reset or Delay
Vista: Problems Installing Adobe Reader 8
Vista: Use BCDEDIT to change boot up options (dual boot w/XP Prof)
Vista: Restore Declined Updates
Vista: Remove Old XP Files after Upgrade (Windows.old)
Vista: How to Backup Files or Create Image
Speed Up Vista Upgrade in 4 Steps
Vista Sync Center: Cannot Connect Mobile Device
Vista Business Edition: Install or Enable Games
CTRL+ALT+DEL = Task Manager in Vista?
Vista Update: How to Hide Update
Vista: Using Parental Controls
Vista: Save Searches
Vista Solitaire Cheat (with Screencast)
Vista: Burn Files to Disc

By the time you read this, there will likely be even more tutorials, tweaks, and hints in our vista section.  Check it out.

Now when you receive a word document into gmail, you have the option of opening and editing these files in Google Docs.

This is a natural extension of getting users to try the service.  Excellent idea.  Although it is not working for me right now with all excel files, I believe sometimes I have seen this option for spreadsheets as well.

With Microsoft soon rollling out Vista, I believe this is another good example of how google plays go while microsoft plays chess.