Microsoft’s weekly downloads and updates are typically on the boring, mundane side. This week, however, several downloads peaked my interest:

Windows Search Version 4.0 has been released for XP, Vista, Server 2003, Server 2008, and WHS. This updates the desktop search system and the Microsoft search enabled in Office, Outlook, and OneNote. This updates a bunch of bugs and is faster when compared to the previous search engines. You read more about the updated search from the preview post from March.

Microsoft Pro Photo Tools version 1 has been released. Essentially this is a metadata tool to help in adding positioning information to photos. Integration with Live Earth and support for route files such as KML has been included. XP and Vista versions are available with validation.

IE 8 Beta 1 continues to be available for testing across all windows platforms too.

Vista Sidebar Now for XP

October 9th, 2005

This morning somebody dugg my recipe for getting the sidebar to work in the lastest vista build with additional directions on actually getting it to work in XP. Apparently, AlexTheBeast put the parts together and developed a new recipe describing how to get the vista/longhorn sidebar to work in XP. These posts were popular… and got us some front page time on

2230 guests on techrx at once

The server had a hiccup which slowed things down for a bit, but since that time, it is holding the traffic very well.

Thanks go out to Rafael,, AlexTheBeast, and nextsteposx.

Bypassing Validation in XP

October 3rd, 2005

Big tech-recipes welcome goes out to mattnus. His latest recipes on bypassing validation in XP to download updates when the product key is invalid has been hanging on our most popular recipes all weekend long. Another couple recipes like that and we’ll sending him a load of techrx goodies.