About The Geek

I am a true geek.  I’ve been playing and working in technology for the last 15 years.  My first experiences with computers occurred back in my elementary school days and playing on an Apple IIe.  Of course, who can ever forget Oregon Trail!

Later on in life, computers slightly faded out of my view; I would play around on them at school or my pal’s place.  We would go on late at night to the BBS hacker boards and see if we could learn anything. Most of the time we never met real hackers, but every once in a while we would and in turn be glowing the next few weeks from the conversations.

Finally, in college (1997ish) I bought my first laptop and computer.  From there I taught myself how a pc worked and learned it inside and out.  I then built over 12+ systems for my friends and family to help them get a leg up on the coming digital world.

And now 10+ years later of working in the biz, I’m still on the edge of technology.  If its metal or shiny and emits a small level of radiation; I gotta have it.  I love looking back on where things started and forward on where we may be going.  Technology does not stand still and in turn I don’t plan to either!

Thanks again to David, Quinn, and Tech-Recipes.com for adding me to the team and helping promote me and other geeks that want to give back to the community and to the computing world.

“Knowledge is power, spread the power”

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