Wonderful Rum Cake!

My parents split up when I was 8 years old.

I didn’t see my dad much after that, and one of the last vivid memories I have of him was when he brought me a cake for my 10th birthday. It was a rum cake… perhaps slightly inappropriate for a kid’s cake, but it began my obsesssion with rum and cake soaked in rum. I’ve had a lot of rum cakes, but never one before that matched that first delicious bite.

All that changed a few days ago - Quinn sent me a tracking number out of the blue, and said to be on the lookout for a package shipped next day air. I spent the remainder of the day trying to figure out what on earth would require overnight shipping…  knowing Q, I figured he was sending me a math puzzle involving molecular density of superheroes.

Imagine my surprise when I open the box and smelled the glorious scent of rum. The cake was absolutely phenomenal… unlike anything I’ve ever tasted before in my life… words fail me.

Thanks Jennifer and Quinn…  ( but especially Jennifer, for baking the heavenly cake! )

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One Response to “Wonderful Rum Cake!”

  1. Davak Says:

    Cool! Jennifer’s treats are killer!