Quick Reference Guide now available

For those that are unfamiliar, scriptaculous is the javascript library built on top of Prototype that is the cornerstone of all those cool Ruby on Rails effects you see in every “web 2.0″ application. Things like edit-in-place, slider controls, fading and disappearing… all part of that library.

I’ve been working on this very slowly for a while now, and I think it’s finally at some type of usable state. I don’t have anything about the sortables or drag-n-drop in there, because I found the default functionality a little flaky, and as such haven’t used it much.

You can find the guide on the new top menu. I’ve found that the quick reference pages are by far the most popular thing on this site, so I figured I would make a more prominent navigation method for them. I’m also thinking of ways to improve the navigation inside the guides themselves, rather than having to scroll until you find what you want.

Head on over and check out the quick reference guide, complete with interactive examples.