How to Block spam using Gmail for Dreamhost users (Or anybody else) Part 1: Desktop Mail Clients

I use DreamHost to host this website as well as a few others. One of the biggest problems I’ve had while at Dreamhost is the terrible spam filtering they offer. Their version of SpamAssassain is both out of date and “hands-off”. Unless you go through hoops to install your own version on their servers, you are out of luck. I’ve spent so much time filtering my junk mail to make sure the real mail didn’t get caught, that I probably shouldn’t have bothered filtering at all.

In searching, I came across a really good idea on Justin Blanton’s site… use Gmail as a spam filter. I was really hoping that this would work, because I’ve never seen a spam message hit my Gmail inbox.

I use PocoMail as my desktop mail client, so the first version of this HowTo is going to be about configuring a Desktop Mail client ( Outlook, PocoMail, etc) How to go about it?