Windows Vista acknowledges BlueScreen problem

I found this rather funny…  every time my Vista virtual machine restarts, it gives me the blue screen of death.. but at least it owns up to it:

I can’t help but think that the solution to the BlueScreen problem involves installing Ubuntu.

Install Windows Vista in VMware (Or the Slowest Install of All Time)

In my “real life” I write C# applications for a living… it’s not so bad, C# is a very nice language and the Windows Forms toolkit is easy to use. I’ve been hearing some rumblings lately that .NET 1.1 isn’t going to work very well on Windows Vista, which worries me, since I’m sure I’ll have at least some clients that upgrade to it.

I’ve delayed trying Windows Vista for a long time, because I simply don’t trust installing a beta version of a Microsoft OS on my main computer and I don’t have another computer fast enough to install it. This weekend I’ve decided to install Vista into VMware so that I can see what’s new and figure out if my software is going to run on it without changes.

Unfortunately, I’m installing RC1 of Vista because it doesn’t look like RC2 is available any longer on the download page.

Let’s get started…