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This quick reference guide is a work in progress. I’ve been working with the framework directly in a project that I’m working on, and this guide is the result. I’m trying to make it more user-friendly and interactive.

 Install  Copy all the files into a directory. I called mine “js”
The library provides a lot of great dynamic effects. All of the effects can take a set of options such as duration and fps. Detailed documentation for the effects can be found on the official documentation page.

new Effect.EffectName( element, required-params, [options] );
 Click for Effect  
































In Place Editor Control

The In-Place Editor control is found in a lot of Ruby on Rails applications. This control is a part of the scriptaculous library, and is very simple to use in any language.


new Ajax.InPlaceEditor( element, url, [options]);

There are a variety of useful options to be passed to the server to customize virtually every feature of the control.  You can find a current list at the offical documentation page.

Edit Me In-Place  
Slider Control

The Slider Controls let you provide a more dynamic method for selecting from within a range of values. When using this control, make sure that the javascript is below the html elements that you are using for the sliders.

The slider controls take a number of options that specify callback functions. If your application requires a fully dynamic slider, you will override the onSlide() function with your functionality. If you only need the final selection value, override the onChange() function.
Horizontal Slider
Vertical slider

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  1. Suhas Says:

    How to save record using ‘In Place Editor’?

  2. Lee Says:

    To suhas, I’ve ever written such a post . You can visit it at


  3. mauro Says:

    hi johnny,
    i’m looking for an answer but i could not find it. i’m using 2 effects of scriptaculous:
    i have a list of items (div not td). if i click on item A a submenu will slides down form it. than if i click item B another submenu slides from it. i would like that the submenu of item A slide up.
    the second is the effect appear. if i click on a item of the submenu an image appear. than i click on the item B of the submenu, and another image appear. than, if i click back on the item A nothing appear, the image A is “under” image B. how can i change that?
    many thanks

  4. adrian Says:

    Thank you so much for this. Their site is really confuse…

  5. scorp Says:

    yepp i agree with the others very helpful and easy to rebuild. love it!!

  6. Sony Says:

    Where do i get the javascript files like prototype.js and scriptaculous.js and include in my files

  7. Copes Flavio Says:

    Really useful reference! Thanks

  8. Raghu Says:

    Very very nice. One thing I noticed with the explosion of web 2.0, there are so many javascript/ajax libraries. It is always good to have choices but gets little confusing. Do you use anything other than mentioned above? I would love to see a guide that explains what libraries do you use and when.

    Thanks again for all the guides.

  9. Jon Parker Says:

    Johnny, thanks for putting up a great reference! I appreciate you taking the time to help others out! — jp

  10. Vinny Benson Says:

    how do you set the fold effect to work with a certain ‘div’, using an image button… someone please help me