iPhone AIM client: FlickIM

Newcomer to the growing list of supported iPhone instant messaging clients, FlickIM is, in my opinion, the best of the bunch if you are an AIM user. To try it out, hit http://flickim.com on your iPhone. The experience is very iPhone-like. What impresses me most is its ability to retain and reconnect to the service after longish periods away from Safari. This has not been a feature of most other iPhone IM clients that I’ve tried.

FlickIM also supports sending YouTube or movie trailer videos via IM. References to the videos are sent so that another iPhone user running FlickIM will see the video play immediately, otherwise a clickable link will be sent to users of other clients.

Orange talk bubbles pop up to indicate other chat sessions and allow quick movement among them — a very nice feature.

All in all, FlickIM represents an as-near-to-fully-functional iPhone IM application as we can expect from a webapp. The biggest thing lacking from IM clients using a browser approach is full-iPhone integration. When my iPhone is locked, it’s smudgy screen black, I would love for it to make a little sound and vibration and pop up a little growl-like notification of the new IM that’s arrived much like SMS messages do. I’m reserving a little tear for the day this happens.

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