Fresh Coat of Paint

Paintbrush I’ve had an itch to update my theme and it’s finally rolled over. My inspiration for starting this whole process came from seeing this great (and informative) post. That theme is elegant in many ways — and looking at it makes my theme far less creative than it might have appeared. I really liked the stationary sidebar concept since a mobile sidebar ends up either wasting space or overstaying its welcome. Oh, and if you’re curious, I based the theme off of Jelly which has a well organized style.css file that even a certified anti-design code diva like myself can almost understand.

I’m hoping this will inspire the blog writing juices (and hopefully in ways other than referring to inspired juices, whatever that means). We are working on some cool new sites and I’m eager to talk about them when they get to the talkin’ ’bout phase. I’m also working on becoming more social, or at least a little less anti-social, so if you are a user of any of the drop-me-a-line social sites next to my Wii headshot, drop me a line.

  • davak

    w00t. Love it.

  • CopyCat

    Great theme. Will give the Jelly template a try myself. I like the fact that it is built to be changed. Cheers, CC.

  • seamonkey420

    i love the theme.. uber geeky clean w/a hint of ajax..

  • seamonkey420

    btw, one thing though.. noticed that the right pane w/your info does not let me see the whole friends list or anything below on a lower resolution screen.

  • qmchenry

    Thanks for the feedback.

    @seamonkey420 – I’ve made a few little changes that made the right side a little shorter. It might help a little on shorter screens. It’s just not a great theme for short or narrow screens. Sorry your link is on the bottom.. it’s just ASCII sorting, don’t read anything else into it!


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