Signs of the Times

Jennifer is remarkably adept at spotting poorly crafted signs. With a quick glance, she directs me to the offending verbiage and I extract my iPhone or, if the occasion permits, a more legitimate camera and try to sneak a picture. I’ve been meaning to post some for a while, so here are three recent shots.

This sign is directly under the light on the podium near the front door at our local Chili’s. It makes me wonder what the valid options are…

The sign was about 12′ tall and well constructed. Proofread? Not so much.

Life like
I keep looking every time we shop there, but I can never find the cartoon foam coolers. I know it’s technically correct, but every time I see these they makes me smirk. Oh, this is also the store that has their hours posted (in a sign over their doors and, sadly, on their website) that they are open from 6 AM to 12 PM. Seems like bad business staying open only six hours a day… Oh, and this is also the same store that (sadly during the pre-camera-on-cell-phone era) had a sign over a toilet bowl cleaner display that said “Bowel Fresh” that we still joke about. Why would we shop anywhere else?

  • seamonkey420

    NICE!! i love fun signs, esp the chilis one.. what kind of welcome does one get then? hehe..

  • qmchenry

    Yeah, the Chili’s one is my favorite, too. J and I both tried taking it, and I tried a few times and finally got a clearish shot right before we left. Without a zoom on my iPhone, I had to get really close.

    The middle one is sad to me because when we go into a furniture store in this part of the country we inevitably hear someone describe a “suite” of furniture, like a bedroom set, but they pronounce it “suit” which now causes an unavoidable cringe (I think knowing it’s coming makes it worse). I believe this is behind the middle typo.

  • Rrankin

    How do I connect my Wii to my Olevia hd 37″ tv?

  • seamonkey420

    you will want to get the component cable set for the Wii and connect to your Olevia HDTV. Then be sure to change the screen resolution in the Wii Settings. :)

  • Andy

    I have this tv since 2006 and it’s still going strong. The picture is still excellent, and the tv does get a fair amount of usage. The sound was never an issue as, with any HDTV, it is mated to my home theatre. It’s a shame Syntax gave up the ghost. Good product.

  • the_seamonkey

    same here. i actually sold mine to a co-worker who is still using it without any issues. we must be the lucky few! :) besides the shoddy packaging, i never had any issues w/mine.

  • Joechar17331

    same here any fixs …

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