Death by Chocolate

Chocolate Mascarpone Brownies

Are there any other chocolate groupies out there? If you have a weakness for cacao like I do, then check out my sweet wife’s Chocolate Mascarpone Brownies on her baking blog Bake or Break.

If you think it’s worthy, cast your vote for it in the Death by Chocolate contest hosted by Culinate. Here’s the best part, if you vote, you’ll be entered to win as well. What could you win, you ask? The same thing as the victor in the blogger category, a weekend in Napa, California, to attend the annual Death by Chocolate Festival. There are also daily prizes — read all the details here.

  • shamanstears

    Aaaaarrrrg. I’m not even safe from BoB within the confines of Tech-Recipes! The brownies look awesome. I casted my vote.

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