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Does My Blog Look Good in This?

If you are an aspiring food blogger, or just like drooling over pretty pictures of food, check out this month’s DMBLGIT on Jennifer’s blog Bake or Break. The hard-to-say acronym stands for “Does My Blog Look Good in This?” and is a chance for foodies to show their best picture of each month to the world.

As this is her first time hosting DMBLGIT, she has gone all out and looked at alternative hosting for the submitted images. Smug Mug turned out to have the nicest looking albums for displaying image groups of all the sites considered. I’m a big fan of flickr, and so is Jennifer, but we agreed that it didn’t work for this purpose for two reasons: images imported for display in a set would end up in her photostream, which seemed wrong, and flickr lacks some pizazz. Less is more in the pizazz category, as with other categories, but none is, well, still none. Anyway, you can see this month’s gallery of DMBLGIT at Smug Mug.  And if you have a food blog with a picture you’re proud of from September, there is still time to enter.

Road tripping observations

My road trip with Jennifer is winding down (hmm.. Only 420 miles to go) and as I enjoy a spell as passenger, I thought I’d write down some road trip observations.

  • The Earth is really, really huge
  • Spotting a deer on the side of the road will wake you right up
  • A deer vs. motorcycle accident wouldn’t be pretty
  • Counting Crow’s Recovering the Satellites is awesome road music
  • Choosing a pig as the spokesperson for a BBQ joint is questionable
  • Blogging from an iPhone during road trip requires patience
  • The best part of a road trip is having your best friend with you
  • We look forward to a five minute drive home from davak’s instead of 12 hours!
  • Happy (half-)Birthday, Bake or Break!

    My wife’s blog Bake or Break is 6 months old today. It’s hard to believe.. the time has gone by so quickly. If you haven’t visited there before, the subtitle of her blog is “Adventures of an Amateur Baker” and it features many things, all baked, and all delicious (except for things with coconut, but that’s just me). She has accumulated over 70 posts, all but a couple featuring something she has created including her description, the recipe or a link to one, and one or more photographs.

    Here are some of my favorite memories from the site:

    Limoncello Cheesecake Squares

    Alton Brown Pizza

    Chewy Chocolate Cookies

    Chewy Graham Brownies

    Outrageous Peanut Butter Cookies

    Paula Deen's Basic Biscuits

    Mini Cheesecakes

    Mini Pecan Pies