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Google Maps editable routes and a mapping app idea

Google Maps elastic routesI know this isn’t news, but it’s really cool and I missed its release, so I figure others have, too. If you create a route in Google Maps, you can click on a point along the route and drag it. As you move your cursor, the route will rearrange and the distance and estimated time will recalculate in real time. How cool is that?

Here’s the mapping application idea. Jennifer and I are traveling to Durham soon to do some intense drin.. working on projects, hiking, eating, and socializing. We want to stay at a particular brand of hotel, but finding one along the route is not easy, but should be. Given the data (locations and classifications of things, which Google has), and the route, which Google has and has taken to the next level, I’d like to search for something specific along the route.

The problem is that finding something specific along a route is difficult, like a certain brand of hotel brand between Atlanta and Charlotte. Traditional searches are based on distance from a single location (within 50 miles of Atlanta). To search the rest of the way, it becomes a bit more tedious, searching from city to city along the route. However, think about being able to search for whatever you want within five miles of a route. Makes me giddy. If someone knows of an app like this living out in the wild, please leave a comment, I’d love to use it. If not, I give the idea to whomever wants to write it. I only ask that they let me know when it’s up so that I can use it. Ten years ago when I could pull all-nighters with no ill effects I would have taken this on (if there was Google Maps back then.. and Symfony). We’ve got enough project ideas to keep us busy for years, so I’m happy to let this idea out into the wild.