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you know your a geek when….

you have a shiny case to carry around your memory cards and sim card.. Targus Memory Card Case (metal, retail $15-25 depending on retailer) holds 2 memory cards fits/holds: CF, MS, SD, MS Duo, XD, and SIM cards (loosely)

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Quick Look: Sprint HTC Touch (video)

As previously promised, today’s post will be another newer, hardware review. This time we will be taking a look at Sprint’s HTC Touch. The Touch has been out for a few months. It has been called the ‘corporate iphone’ because it has a purely touchscreen pda without a hardware keyboard and because it runs WM6 which allows outlook/goodlink to be installed.

Keep reading for the complete details and the video review… Continue reading

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geek porn: quick look at a Dell Latitude XT tablet pc (video)

recently i’ve been getting my chance to play with TONS of cool ultraportable laptops and cool new smartphones. however, today we got in two versions of a tablet i’ve been eyeing since its leaked spec sheet last year — the Dell Latitude XT Tablet PC. the fact that i’m the known uber gadget geek in the office really makes it easy for me to tryout the new hardware we get.

keep reading for the details and a video preview… Continue reading

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data backup project: backing up to an external drive and making it bootable

i love my data and information and would be pretty lost if my system did die on me. however, as a geek that sees and fixes a ton of computers that die without any warning, i always recommend that everyone should do a complete backup each month.

this weekend i finally decided to purchase a nice 500GB external HDD for my monthly backups and archivals. prior to this weekend, i was making 5 DVD backups of my personal data (no apps or music) and then storing them at my bank box in my parents town (remote location, another good thing to think about). however i realized that i have a ton of other ‘bulkier’ data that i wanted to archive/save but didn’t want to burn 100 DVDs to do it, thus the external hdd. Continue reading

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my ps3 and adding music album art (video)

this year i’ve decided to take up a few of my older projects that i never really got very far on.  another one of those projects was ripping of all of my movies from dvd to a high-quality digital format, … Continue reading

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a geeks throne.. my desk..

this is my throne..  that i geek from! read more to see my specs.. i promise, i won’t tell..

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where are the cool watches?? dick tracy would be disappointed…

i remember as a kid loving watches.   the telememo watches by Casio back in the day was the ‘coolest’ gadget this geek could ever play with as a 10 yr old.  as a kid, i had prob about 12 different watches; … Continue reading

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my Motorola WR850G v2 and DD-WRT firmware and my personal public wifi project

this year i’ve decided to try to give back more to the community and the public as a whole; last week i started it off by donating blood and quitting smoking cigarettes. this week, i’ve decided to unshackle the chains on my wifi network/internet access and in turn open it up to the public. keeping reading as i upgrade my current router/ap with the DD-WRT custom firmware. Continue reading

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2007 recap: the year of the game and firmware battles

Happy New Year to everyone!  This last year was a pretty crazy year in regards to technology, gaming and being a geek.  Today’s post will be a personal recap 2007, and what i thought was the biggest trend from it. … Continue reading

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