About Me

well, i am a geek and i’m proud of it! i like to have the coolest toys, phones, gadgets and then mod/customize/hack them.

i grew up on a beef farm (yup, technoless! and i can plant a field and cultivate it too!).

1991 was the year i got my first taste of ‘being online’, my pal got a mac powerpc and a 14k modem and a subscription to compuserve. we used to spend the night on what we believed to be hacker bbs boards but probably in actuality were posers. however these late nights were the foundation on which i grew from. i would call myself old skool in a geek sense and still abide by the general hacker ethic of the old days.

i went to college for philosophy and anthropology. i also got my first taste of actually doing a hack, my first ever redbox. my pal showed me how to turn a simple greeting card recording into a basic $.25 redbox. (redboxing is spoofing a pay phone to think you had inserted coins by playing back the dtfm tones w/a device). i got my own first pc too, a toshiba 133mhz laptop. this laptop really was the foundation from which my skills stem from. i taught myself how to backup my pc, reinstall os, partition drives, hack the windows registry, install an os from any type of media. after that i built my first pc and about 12 more in the month following (cheap pcs for friends, i felt they were falling behind and wanted to help them catch up and man.. look at them now!)

did a corp job out of college basically being a RS6000/AIX admin. i learned a ton about kornshell scripting and learned a ton about modems and managing 4,000 of them. however, the pay sucked and being oncall 24/7 every other week kind of killed my social life and sucked!

i’d say my specialty is trying to hit all faucets of technology from guide writing to pda/phone modding to pc building to scripting. some of my past projects include: civic si, carpc, system building (30+), psp/ds lite homebrew, xbox modding, dvd bkup, sat testing, wii, and of course my navi hack. i do not take claim for inventing or being the original, rather i just want to help others out there get their geek on.

lately been into my ps3 and the whole hdtv world. also like to do the whole wallpaper creation from my photos too. check out my deviantart gallery here: http://seamonkey420.deviantart.com/

so i believe in sharing my knowledge with the rest of the world since “Knowledge is power, spread the power”

peace :)

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