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my video MP4 tagging and zune tip!

MP4 video files are the new mp3 of video or so it seems.  my psp, iphone and ps3 all use these type of files while numerous other devices do too (appletv, xbox360, cellphones, ipods, zunes, etc). After finally deciding to … Continue reading

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HowTo: multibooting XP, OSX and Linux (tips and video) on a MSI Wind

well, after struggling with a bad dimm of memory in my MSI Wind; i am back on the Wind booting path.   previously i had setup my MSI Wind to triple boot XP, Vista and OSX Leopard however i’ve been … Continue reading

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my iPhone 'must-have' apps list (app store and cydia)

well, i admit it.  i love my iphone.  don’t let my sony ericsson comrades know or my fellow blackberry addicts! i received my first gen iPhone from my tech-rx bossman Q, about two months ago now and haven’t looked back … Continue reading

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my msi wind, osx leo and vmware fusion demo (video)

A few weeks back I posted a video on triple booting my MSI Wind with XP Prof (nlited), Vista Ultimate Ed, and OSX Leopard (10.5.2) . People have been looking for more info and videos of OSX running on it.

This weekend I recorded a quick video of my msi windmacbook with garageband and vmware fusion running on it (Unity works!). My wind again does have a 250gb hdd, dell truemobile wifi card, 2gb total memory and voided warranty. ;) Read more and view the full post for the video, enjoy! Continue reading

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sticking it to the man: jailbreaking and unlocking the iPhone

so yes, i did in a way sell out by getting an iphone (first gen, thx Q!!).  however i know for sure i wasn’t going to go as far as to sell my cellular soul to ATT for 2 years.  … Continue reading

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Apple iPhone and Blackberry Curve/8830 — The Comparison

Up to this point, I would never consider comparing an iPhone with a Blackberry. Each device seems to be aimed for a different market sector (iPhone = consumer, blackberry = corporate/business). However, things have changed and both Apple and RIM are venturing into sectors they had left alone until now. So today I will be giving a comparison of an iPhone 3G to a Blackberry Curve/8830. Keep reading for the details on the comparison! Continue reading

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HP dv6700t: one month recap.

well, i’ve realized a few things recently after reviewing some of my older blog posts, recipes.  1) i need to check my posts a bit more prior to posting (dang you grammar!!)  and 2) i need to do more followups … Continue reading

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HP dv6700t and OS X Leopard (quick vid)

as promised in my review, here is a quick video of os x leopard running on my HP dv6700t.  i used the kalyway build and have it setup to use the Vista bootloader and the chain0 method to dual boot … Continue reading

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Handbrake.. how i love thee…

yup, what was i thinking not taking a look at this app earlier when davak mentioned it in his blog….   handbrake is an all in one video converter program.  its for both apples and pcs and does basically all the … Continue reading

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2007 recap: the year of the game and firmware battles

Happy New Year to everyone!  This last year was a pretty crazy year in regards to technology, gaming and being a geek.  Today’s post will be a personal recap 2007, and what i thought was the biggest trend from it. … Continue reading

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