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Think Tank: Mobile phone industry and the greater good…

Well, today’s post was inspired by several recent articles and the current mobile market/trends.  As we all know (at least us in the industry), the mobile market has recently exploded into quite an industry/market.  We see new phones and technology … Continue reading

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Lock Down: My Mobile Security Basics

As technology progresses and the masses start adopting it into their daily lives; we see another side of society start popping up.  Malware, trojans, spyware, and fraud websites have become a part of our digital life. With the recent explosion … Continue reading

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Apple iPhone and Blackberry Curve/8830 — The Comparison

Up to this point, I would never consider comparing an iPhone with a Blackberry. Each device seems to be aimed for a different market sector (iPhone = consumer, blackberry = corporate/business). However, things have changed and both Apple and RIM are venturing into sectors they had left alone until now. So today I will be giving a comparison of an iPhone 3G to a Blackberry Curve/8830. Keep reading for the details on the comparison! Continue reading

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WES 2008 wrapup thoughts

well, WES 2008 came and now gone.  for my first conference/convention it went very well.  i wish i would have planned a bit more for it but nonetheless i got a ton of good blackberry info and met some very … Continue reading

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its my first…. WES 2008

‘i swear, your my first…’   … computer/geek convention that i’ve attended mind you!   well, after a slightly delayed flight, uber long ride from the airport to my hotel, i finally made it to Orlando, FL; the site for WES … Continue reading

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my blackberry app of the moment: viigo

as many of you may or may not be aware but next week WES2008 will kick off down in Orlando.  what is WES?  WES = Wireless Enterprise Symposium, basically its THE blackberry event of the year.  i will be attending the … Continue reading

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Blackberry 8830 follow-up review

well, prior to working at my current job, i had always been either Palm or Windows smartphone user. blackberries were for the business elite not the geek, or so it went in my head.  however, after using a blackberry for quite some … Continue reading

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Blackberry 8830 – Mini-review/first impressions

For all of those Blackberry users (or crackberry), Verizon released the much anticipated 8830 World Edition phone.    The Blackberry 8830 is offered by Verizon and has both CDMA and GSM technology in it.  Basically this phone should work anywhere … Continue reading

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