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Finales and New Beginings…

Well my fellow readers, this will be the last post on this blog ( for me. I’ve decided that its time to move onto a more professional avatar / moniker and in turn am rebranding myself under the_seamonkey and jimmyselix… … Continue reading

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Geek Gear: My Tablet Man-Bag (SwissGear Travel Shoulder Bag) Quick Review

My gadget bag. The gadgets I carry around and what in. (galaxy tab, nexus one, iphone, ipod, etc). Keep reading for the full post and pics. Continue reading

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Air, OSX and Me: Simplicity can be beautiful (part 2)

well, i admit that the first few times using OS X Leopard (on a hackintoshed pc or the macbook air) was kind of frustrating originally. being a windows poweruser/geek, i have become accustomed to installshield guides and registry hacking to … Continue reading

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Ultraportable/Netbook Orgy: Macbook Air, MSI Wind, Sony Vaio P (photos)

well, at work i’m kind of the netbook guru so in turn i get my hands on the demo units we get.  today, my boss stopped by and handed me a nice fun gift to play with this weekend: a … Continue reading

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Air, OSX and Me: Re-introductions (part 1)

well, up to now i’ve yet to really use OS X Leopard (yes, i know OS TEN, hehe) on true mac hardware (closest was my G5 and G4 towers i previously had). however, Q was looking to upgrade to the … Continue reading

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soapbox: updating factory vehicle GPS navigation maps, the costs

yes, i am among the ‘lacks a sense of direction’ types when it comes to driving in new places and in turn have a navigation system in my car. i went the factory option since 1) it was covered under … Continue reading

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awakening from my geek-sleep

wow! it hasn’t been a month but nearly since i’ve last posted.  i apologize on the lack of updates; had to get some summer in since most was missed w/my company’s hardware rollout. so again, i promise to start bringing … Continue reading

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HP dv6700t: one month recap.

well, i’ve realized a few things recently after reviewing some of my older blog posts, recipes.  1) i need to check my posts a bit more prior to posting (dang you grammar!!)  and 2) i need to do more followups … Continue reading

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Review: HP Pavilion dv6700t CTO w/Blu-ray

Last week, i eagerly received my HP Pavilion dv6700t CTO w/Blu-ray laptop that i built from HP. Lets take a look at my maxed out HP dv6700t . My detailed review and pics detail some of its fun features, specs, and even how OS X Leopard runs on it. :)

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WES 2008 wrapup thoughts

well, WES 2008 came and now gone.  for my first conference/convention it went very well.  i wish i would have planned a bit more for it but nonetheless i got a ton of good blackberry info and met some very … Continue reading

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