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Geek-onomics: 5 tips on how to save a few bucks by being a geek

you don’t need to be a financial guru to know that the financial state of the world is not a pretty one at the moment.  so why not use our vast geeky knowledge and resources to help save a few … Continue reading

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MSI Wind Hoda touchscreen kit install notes/video

previously on my blog; i had posted about my solderless touchscreen kit i installed on my msi wind.  as promised, i am following up with a more detailed notes on installing and a few videos i took of myself doing … Continue reading

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msi wind + solderless touchscreen kit = project time!

well, to my geeky delight  i arrived at work today and had a little surprise awaiting me at my desk: my msiwind solderless touchscreen kit!!! i ordered the kit from ebay after seeing it being posted on the front page … Continue reading

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my video MP4 tagging and zune tip!

MP4 video files are the new mp3 of video or so it seems.  my psp, iphone and ps3 all use these type of files while numerous other devices do too (appletv, xbox360, cellphones, ipods, zunes, etc). After finally deciding to … Continue reading

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HowTo: multibooting XP, OSX and Linux (tips and video) on a MSI Wind

well, after struggling with a bad dimm of memory in my MSI Wind; i am back on the Wind booting path.   previously i had setup my MSI Wind to triple boot XP, Vista and OSX Leopard however i’ve been … Continue reading

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MSI Wind and Triple Booting, Round 2. XP, OSX Leopard, and Ubuntu (video)

well, this week has been a busy week of MSI Wind installs and videos.  i thought i’d follow up my previous MSI Wind triple boot video w/my latest one. this time around i decided to skip Vista and instead use … Continue reading

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I've got a fever… msi wind hdd and memory upgrades (video)

yes, i admit it. i now am in love with my MSI Wind netbook.  so far it seems to have met all of my  mobile computing/commuting needs: small, fast, affordable, upgradable.  for $550, you get a pretty nice piece of hardware: … Continue reading

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sticking it to the man: jailbreaking and unlocking the iPhone

so yes, i did in a way sell out by getting an iphone (first gen, thx Q!!).  however i know for sure i wasn’t going to go as far as to sell my cellular soul to ATT for 2 years.  … Continue reading

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the search for my next digital camera…

i’ve been without a ‘real’ digital camera (being one thats not a cell phone 2mp or my temp 4mp used sony) since about January of this year.  I originally had my DSC T9 that i loved and kept for almost … Continue reading

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geek gore: my PS3 and its guts

what can i say. i was ‘that kid’ growing up that loved to get new toys (but who didn’t, right?) but the next day would then take them apart and most likely never got it back together and working. well, my … Continue reading

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