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Windows Phone 7 (WP7); where ya at?

Title says it all. So where is Windows Phone 7? We have yet to see any announcements in regards to Microsoft porting WP7 to a more tablet friendly device and yet to see the first update to fix some major … Continue reading

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Think Tank: Mobile phone industry and the greater good…

Well, today’s post was inspired by several recent articles and the current mobile market/trends.  As we all know (at least us in the industry), the mobile market has recently exploded into quite an industry/market.  We see new phones and technology … Continue reading

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Me and Technology: A quick 20 year debug

Well, I thought I’d post a less serious and more fun one today. I, like most that are reading this, have been a big tech geek for most of my life. As a kid, we did not have netbooks or iPods or heck even free long distance phone service. No, I grew up fantasizing about such gadgets and technology. I grew up watching movies about the future and lusting over the then cool devices (now retro, hehe) and hoping we’d see them eventually. Nope, I had my cool game watches (super mario bros and tetris FTW!!), super small FM/AM Radios and of course my dreams of things to come. Continue reading

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My Nexus One and SenseUI / Desire ROM port r21

its been a few months since i bought my nexus one at launch. so far i must say that i’m very satisified with my purchase and believe it can almost replace an iPhone. however, lately i’ve been dabbling into the … Continue reading

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My Top Android Apps for the Google Nexus One

Sorry about the delay in getting this post up.  Like any blogger/geek, we all have our lists and this is my list of favorite Android Apps available for the Nexus One.  These apps are available for most other Android devices, … Continue reading

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For my fellow Nexus One Readers… seamonkey's n1 wallpaper pack

Here is a zip of about 104 of my personal wallpaper/photo creations. Download (rapidshare) They are all formatted for the Google Nexus One’s dimensions. Enjoy 960x800px, jpg Preview below ps sorry for the rapidshare link though

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its my first time: my google nexus one / android experience (part 2)

Well, I’m back wtih my part 2 of 2 on my google nexus and android experience.  This time around, we’ll be looking at the software that powers the nexus one, Android 2.1 (eclair build). Prior to my Nexus One, i … Continue reading

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its my first time: my google nexus one / android experience (part 1)

so yes, i was one of those geeks. up until the day of launch, i was not really too sold on the new Google Nexus One phone.   Android didn’t seem to be as mature as the iPhone OS but … Continue reading

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fall 2009 and some geek thoughts, reflections

Well, I’ve decided to blog on a more regular basis (at least once a week) and thought I’d start with a nice old op-ed piece on this years tech/geek news and trends and possible future ones. Microsoft tries to redeem … Continue reading

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Quick Look: Sprint HTC Touch (video)

As previously promised, today’s post will be another newer, hardware review. This time we will be taking a look at Sprint’s HTC Touch. The Touch has been out for a few months. It has been called the ‘corporate iphone’ because it has a purely touchscreen pda without a hardware keyboard and because it runs WM6 which allows outlook/goodlink to be installed.

Keep reading for the complete details and the video review… Continue reading

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