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Windows 7 RC, Recorded TV Shows and DLNA Streaming to PS3

well, today i was finally cleaning up my laptop and decided i’d try to setup the media sharing components again.  i currently have my ps3 connected via a gigabit wired connection and my laptop using 802.11N so speed connection speeds … Continue reading

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Samsung NC10 insta-review (netbook)

PROs: awesome battery life, the best so far (about 4-5hours in real world; rated at 6hrs) nice 10″ display, solid build feel normal hdd, memory card slots, normal lan and vga ports pinch zooming touchpad (can do pinch gesture in IE … Continue reading

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Dell Mini 10 insta-review (xp edition)

PROs: very nice keyboard, and key layout larger touchpad nice display decent sound for a netbook good battery life large normal harddrive hdmi output for hooking up to hdtvs CONs: touchpad buttons are actually built into touchpad (takes a while … Continue reading

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Windows 7 RC, Media Center, and ClearQAM. FINALLY!!

well, i finally broke down and decided to upgrade my vista ultimate installation to windows 7 rc.  i thought i’d help out microsoft and send my installation logs (option when you install) and also do a straight upgrade from Vista … Continue reading

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my HP DV6700T + osx leopard, hackintoshing round 2

well, as my tweets may tell; i’ve decided to redo my os setup on my HP DV6700T laptop. for a little while i was trying (not very hard) to sell my hp laptop since i was using my air or … Continue reading

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confessions of a multi-booting geek

yea.  i am one of those geeks.  the type that gets or builds a new pc/laptop/netbook and then tries to cram as many operating systems on it as i can. at one point in my life i recall having a … Continue reading

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Air, OSX and Me: Simplicity can be beautiful (part 2)

well, i admit that the first few times using OS X Leopard (on a hackintoshed pc or the macbook air) was kind of frustrating originally. being a windows poweruser/geek, i have become accustomed to installshield guides and registry hacking to … Continue reading

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Air, OSX and Me: Re-introductions (part 1)

well, up to now i’ve yet to really use OS X Leopard (yes, i know OS TEN, hehe) on true mac hardware (closest was my G5 and G4 towers i previously had). however, Q was looking to upgrade to the … Continue reading

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Geek-onomics: 5 tips on how to save a few bucks by being a geek

you don’t need to be a financial guru to know that the financial state of the world is not a pretty one at the moment.  so why not use our vast geeky knowledge and resources to help save a few … Continue reading

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the saturation and full circle back; my netbook thoughts (geek op-ed)

well, 2008 sure seemed to be the year of the netbook.  we had tons of choices and tons of manufacturers (including lenovo and hp) getting into the mix and genre-leaders like Asus and MSI updating their lines and expanding.  already … Continue reading

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