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my HP DV6700T + osx leopard, hackintoshing round 2

well, as my tweets may tell; i’ve decided to redo my os setup on my HP DV6700T laptop. for a little while i was trying (not very hard) to sell my hp laptop since i was using my air or … Continue reading

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confessions of a multi-booting geek

yea.  i am one of those geeks.  the type that gets or builds a new pc/laptop/netbook and then tries to cram as many operating systems on it as i can. at one point in my life i recall having a … Continue reading

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msi wind + solderless touchscreen kit = project time!

well, to my geeky delight  i arrived at work today and had a little surprise awaiting me at my desk: my msiwind solderless touchscreen kit!!! i ordered the kit from ebay after seeing it being posted on the front page … Continue reading

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my geeky december thoughts, follow-ups, projects…

well, its been a few weeks since my last post again and i thought i’d check in as the holidays approach ever faster.  its been a while since i’ve blogged about my previous laptop purchase, HP DV6700T CTO so i … Continue reading

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my msi wind and osx audio workaround (plantronics audio 480)

(thanks Q for the skin!) if you have a msi wind and are running OSX Leopard on it, you probably have found out that yes the speakers work but the mic and headphone jacks do not. as of right now, … Continue reading

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HowTo: multibooting XP, OSX and Linux (tips and video) on a MSI Wind

well, after struggling with a bad dimm of memory in my MSI Wind; i am back on the Wind booting path.   previously i had setup my MSI Wind to triple boot XP, Vista and OSX Leopard however i’ve been … Continue reading

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MSI Wind and Triple Booting, Round 2. XP, OSX Leopard, and Ubuntu (video)

well, this week has been a busy week of MSI Wind installs and videos.  i thought i’d follow up my previous MSI Wind triple boot video w/my latest one. this time around i decided to skip Vista and instead use … Continue reading

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my msi wind, osx leo and vmware fusion demo (video)

A few weeks back I posted a video on triple booting my MSI Wind with XP Prof (nlited), Vista Ultimate Ed, and OSX Leopard (10.5.2) . People have been looking for more info and videos of OSX running on it.

This weekend I recorded a quick video of my msi windmacbook with garageband and vmware fusion running on it (Unity works!). My wind again does have a 250gb hdd, dell truemobile wifi card, 2gb total memory and voided warranty. ;) Read more and view the full post for the video, enjoy! Continue reading

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my MSI Wind; i'll take a triple please (video)

This year seems to be the year of the ultra-portable laptop. Asus was the first manufacturer and founding father/mother of this new popular netbook category.

I had purchased an original EeePC 701 early in 2008. After selling this machine to a co-worker, I decided I’d wait this one out a bit more to see how the Intel Atom-based netbooks looked. I eventually decided I to get (and TRIPLE BOOT) the MSI Wind.

Don’t you wanna see OS X on the MSI Wind? Keep reading for more details and the video demo! Continue reading

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HP dv6700t: one month recap.

well, i’ve realized a few things recently after reviewing some of my older blog posts, recipes.  1) i need to check my posts a bit more prior to posting (dang you grammar!!)  and 2) i need to do more followups … Continue reading

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