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Geek Gear: My Tablet Man-Bag (SwissGear Travel Shoulder Bag) Quick Review

My gadget bag. The gadgets I carry around and what in. (galaxy tab, nexus one, iphone, ipod, etc). Keep reading for the full post and pics. Continue reading

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Think Tank: Mobile phone industry and the greater good…

Well, today’s post was inspired by several recent articles and the current mobile market/trends.  As we all know (at least us in the industry), the mobile market has recently exploded into quite an industry/market.  We see new phones and technology … Continue reading

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My Startup Story: JimmyCan

Today’s post will be a retrospective on a recent side venture of mine, my own technology services / consulting company, JimmyCan LLC.  I’m a huge geek and I love helping people with technology and have recently been hearing more and … Continue reading

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Geek-onomics: 5 tips on how to save a few bucks by being a geek

you don’t need to be a financial guru to know that the financial state of the world is not a pretty one at the moment.  so why not use our vast geeky knowledge and resources to help save a few … Continue reading

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the saturation and full circle back; my netbook thoughts (geek op-ed)

well, 2008 sure seemed to be the year of the netbook.  we had tons of choices and tons of manufacturers (including lenovo and hp) getting into the mix and genre-leaders like Asus and MSI updating their lines and expanding.  already … Continue reading

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soapbox: updating factory vehicle GPS navigation maps, the costs

yes, i am among the ‘lacks a sense of direction’ types when it comes to driving in new places and in turn have a navigation system in my car. i went the factory option since 1) it was covered under … Continue reading

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my video MP4 tagging and zune tip!

MP4 video files are the new mp3 of video or so it seems.  my psp, iphone and ps3 all use these type of files while numerous other devices do too (appletv, xbox360, cellphones, ipods, zunes, etc). After finally deciding to … Continue reading

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awakening from my geek-sleep

wow! it hasn’t been a month but nearly since i’ve last posted.  i apologize on the lack of updates; had to get some summer in since most was missed w/my company’s hardware rollout. so again, i promise to start bringing … Continue reading

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taking a step back; what was the best upgrade you've purchased for your pc, EVER?

this week i realized that its about time for me to do a desktop system rebuild.  prior to the last year and a half, i had been on an upgrade rampage in regards to my desktop pc.  i initially built … Continue reading

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how does one become an 'expert' in their field?

really, how? i’ve been very curious about this lately since i’ve been working with quite a few ‘experts’ at work.  so, off to the web i went to see if there were any articles or posts on this question. my search yielded … Continue reading

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