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AT&T Galaxy Tab, my breakdown

Well, I have now had my Galaxy Tab for about 2 weeks and thought I’d write up a quick post on my thoughts on it. Being a previous iPad owner, I can tell you that they two devices are similar but not. Lets get to it! Continue reading

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Geek Gear: My Tablet Man-Bag (SwissGear Travel Shoulder Bag) Quick Review

My gadget bag. The gadgets I carry around and what in. (galaxy tab, nexus one, iphone, ipod, etc). Keep reading for the full post and pics. Continue reading

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iPad and L5 Remote Dongle Demo (video)

I’ve been a long time PDA user and for some reason have always lusted over the idea of it being able to control my tv and other appliances.  So when I heard about the L5 remote ($49.95) for the iPhone/iPod … Continue reading

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My Top Android Apps for the Google Nexus One

Sorry about the delay in getting this post up.  Like any blogger/geek, we all have our lists and this is my list of favorite Android Apps available for the Nexus One.  These apps are available for most other Android devices, … Continue reading

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its my first time: my google nexus one / android experience (part 2)

Well, I’m back wtih my part 2 of 2 on my google nexus and android experience.  This time around, we’ll be looking at the software that powers the nexus one, Android 2.1 (eclair build). Prior to my Nexus One, i … Continue reading

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Samsung NC10 insta-review (netbook)

PROs: awesome battery life, the best so far (about 4-5hours in real world; rated at 6hrs) nice 10″ display, solid build feel normal hdd, memory card slots, normal lan and vga ports pinch zooming touchpad (can do pinch gesture in IE … Continue reading

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Dell Mini 10 insta-review (xp edition)

PROs: very nice keyboard, and key layout larger touchpad nice display decent sound for a netbook good battery life large normal harddrive hdmi output for hooking up to hdtvs CONs: touchpad buttons are actually built into touchpad (takes a while … Continue reading

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Air, OSX and Me: Re-introductions (part 1)

well, up to now i’ve yet to really use OS X Leopard (yes, i know OS TEN, hehe) on true mac hardware (closest was my G5 and G4 towers i previously had). however, Q was looking to upgrade to the … Continue reading

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my iPhone 'must-have' apps list (app store and cydia)

well, i admit it.  i love my iphone.  don’t let my sony ericsson comrades know or my fellow blackberry addicts! i received my first gen iPhone from my tech-rx bossman Q, about two months ago now and haven’t looked back … Continue reading

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my MSI Wind; i'll take a triple please (video)

This year seems to be the year of the ultra-portable laptop. Asus was the first manufacturer and founding father/mother of this new popular netbook category.

I had purchased an original EeePC 701 early in 2008. After selling this machine to a co-worker, I decided I’d wait this one out a bit more to see how the Intel Atom-based netbooks looked. I eventually decided I to get (and TRIPLE BOOT) the MSI Wind.

Don’t you wanna see OS X on the MSI Wind? Keep reading for more details and the video demo! Continue reading

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