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Windows Phone 7 (WP7); where ya at?

Title says it all. So where is Windows Phone 7? We have yet to see any announcements in regards to Microsoft porting WP7 to a more tablet friendly device and yet to see the first update to fix some major … Continue reading

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AT&T Galaxy Tab, my breakdown

Well, I have now had my Galaxy Tab for about 2 weeks and thought I’d write up a quick post on my thoughts on it. Being a previous iPad owner, I can tell you that they two devices are similar but not. Lets get to it! Continue reading

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confessions of a multi-booting geek

yea.  i am one of those geeks.  the type that gets or builds a new pc/laptop/netbook and then tries to cram as many operating systems on it as i can. at one point in my life i recall having a … Continue reading

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Demos: Windows 7 beta build 7000 on a Dell Latitude XT Tablet

well, i work with Dell Latitude XT tablets each day (its really a love/hate relationship; in that i love to hate them, haha!). with all of this Windows 7 beta buzz in the air i thought i’d throw up one … Continue reading

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MSI Wind Hoda touchscreen kit install notes/video

previously on my blog; i had posted about my solderless touchscreen kit i installed on my msi wind.  as promised, i am following up with a more detailed notes on installing and a few videos i took of myself doing … Continue reading

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msi wind + solderless touchscreen kit = project time!

well, to my geeky delight  i arrived at work today and had a little surprise awaiting me at my desk: my msiwind solderless touchscreen kit!!! i ordered the kit from ebay after seeing it being posted on the front page … Continue reading

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WES 2008 wrapup thoughts

well, WES 2008 came and now gone.  for my first conference/convention it went very well.  i wish i would have planned a bit more for it but nonetheless i got a ton of good blackberry info and met some very … Continue reading

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catching my breath…

wow! who would have guessed that begining a rollout of new hardware at my ‘real’ job would be so busy? hehehe.  i apologize for the lack of updates last week; i had a ton of great posts brewing in my … Continue reading

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the parting of ways: selling of my HP TC1100 tablet and getting my eee on…

well… its official…  i sold my TC1100 tablet pc today on eBay.  my work did decide to go the route of the Dell Latitude XT tablets (heck yea!) and in turn i’ll be getting one from work so i figured … Continue reading

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geek porn: quick look at a Dell Latitude XT tablet pc (video)

recently i’ve been getting my chance to play with TONS of cool ultraportable laptops and cool new smartphones. however, today we got in two versions of a tablet i’ve been eyeing since its leaked spec sheet last year — the Dell Latitude XT Tablet PC. the fact that i’m the known uber gadget geek in the office really makes it easy for me to tryout the new hardware we get.

keep reading for the details and a video preview… Continue reading

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