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Quick Look: Sprint HTC Touch (video)

As previously promised, today’s post will be another newer, hardware review. This time we will be taking a look at Sprint’s HTC Touch. The Touch has been out for a few months. It has been called the ‘corporate iphone’ because it has a purely touchscreen pda without a hardware keyboard and because it runs WM6 which allows outlook/goodlink to be installed.

Keep reading for the complete details and the video review… Continue reading

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my Motorola WR850G v2 and DD-WRT firmware and my personal public wifi project

this year i’ve decided to try to give back more to the community and the public as a whole; last week i started it off by donating blood and quitting smoking cigarettes. this week, i’ve decided to unshackle the chains on my wifi network/internet access and in turn open it up to the public. keeping reading as i upgrade my current router/ap with the DD-WRT custom firmware. Continue reading

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how does one become an 'expert' in their field?

really, how? i’ve been very curious about this lately since i’ve been working with quite a few ‘experts’ at work.  so, off to the web i went to see if there were any articles or posts on this question. my search yielded … Continue reading

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osx86 and a pc.. a brief read…

well, today shamanstears inquired on what it takes to get osx up on a pc so i thought i’d get up a quickie on osx on an amd/intel pc. first thing you will need to have is a p-ata harddrive.  … Continue reading

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internet is back up!! go justin from comcast!

well, on tues night, my good ole internet and cable tv both went down.  in the past year or so i’ve had this happen off and on but usually a few hours later the signal would come back and i’d … Continue reading

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hacks and developers

just recently two huge breakthroughs were made in the PSP underground/hacking world.  Noobz and Archaemic found an exploit in the game Lumines that basically allow all PSP firmware versions (1.5 to 3.50) and allow it to run homebrew.  this is a … Continue reading

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netflix and Watch Now..

well, i’ve been using the Netflix Watch Now option w/my netflix account.  basically what the Watch Now option is netflix’s VOD via the internet and an embedded video player in IE.  they offer a slim selection but have been good about … Continue reading

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Blackberry 8830 – Mini-review/first impressions

For all of those Blackberry users (or crackberry), Verizon released the much anticipated 8830 World Edition phone.    The Blackberry 8830 is offered by Verizon and has both CDMA and GSM technology in it.  Basically this phone should work anywhere … Continue reading

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the power of the masses, go digg!

well, yesterday we witnessed a pretty significant event on the web. we saw a site/company bow down to their users ( and in turn disregarded the advice of their attorneys. we also finally saw the power that we users hold … Continue reading

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rant: tmobile's lack of decent data networks, txt messaging fee increase

well.. i’m a phone geek or was a phone geek.  i’ve had a MDA, K800i, Z710, K750i, and play with Treo’s/BBs/Qs at work.  however, my obsession for phones has faded dramatically. mainly due to the fact that the newer cool, … Continue reading

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