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Me and Technology: A quick 20 year debug

Well, I thought I’d post a less serious and more fun one today. I, like most that are reading this, have been a big tech geek for most of my life. As a kid, we did not have netbooks or iPods or heck even free long distance phone service. No, I grew up fantasizing about such gadgets and technology. I grew up watching movies about the future and lusting over the then cool devices (now retro, hehe) and hoping we’d see them eventually. Nope, I had my cool game watches (super mario bros and tetris FTW!!), super small FM/AM Radios and of course my dreams of things to come. Continue reading

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my wii and emulators in action (nes, snes, genesis, n64)

i thought i’d just post a longer demo of a few of the emulators on a softmodded Wii (v4.2). this is a longer vid so you’ve been warned but i demo a NES, SNES, Genesis, and N64 emulator running via … Continue reading

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there's a geek in us all… family edition

this holiday weekend i decided to head up to my parent’s farm to spend some time with them and relaxing in the middle of nowhere.  to my surprise, the first thing i notice in my parent’s living room is a … Continue reading

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2007 recap: the year of the game and firmware battles

Happy New Year to everyone!  This last year was a pretty crazy year in regards to technology, gaming and being a geek.  Today’s post will be a personal recap 2007, and what i thought was the biggest trend from it. … Continue reading

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gaming and downloadable content (DLC); how i would do it

downloadable content, micro-transactions; the buzz words for 2007 and how developers feel they can gain extra revenue off a base product/game. i’ve blogged previously about my disgust of downloadable content that IS NOT FREE.  in my opinion, downloadable content seems … Continue reading

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hacks and developers

just recently two huge breakthroughs were made in the PSP underground/hacking world.  Noobz and Archaemic found an exploit in the game Lumines that basically allow all PSP firmware versions (1.5 to 3.50) and allow it to run homebrew.  this is a … Continue reading

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creative notions; wallpapers and my pals modded wii

this weekend i decided to go back and visit the parents out on the farm. had a great peaceful and unplugged weekend. unplugged meaning no internet, cellphone, or text messaging (still had my tablet pc and all but no web, … Continue reading

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my 'now-gen' gaming thoughts on the ps3, wii

well, i’m a PS3wii guy. i got my Wii on launch (i laugh at all who assumed they could get one whenever they wanted after launch.. haha!). i got my PS3 about less than a month ago. after playing both … Continue reading

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PSP Lovin: getting my PlaystationOne games on my psp and PS3 thoughts

well, as many or most that read my blogs may notice is that well, i’ve swayed to the nintendo-side these days. my sleek black ds lite had replaced the psp on my morning commutes since its battery life is superior … Continue reading

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wii news channel is live!

well, woke up and went to the living room to see a nice suprise! my wii was glowing, so i powered it on and saw the message on the boards that it was live.  so i updated my wii and … Continue reading

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